What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg




Bob’s Burgers – V is for vendetta. V is also for Valentine’s Day. Tina attempts to get over her breakup by heading out for a night out on the town in a limo with Linda and Louise. (FOX, 8:30pm ET/PT)

Shameless – Sudden fame hits Ian hard and he doesn’t seem ready for it. Of course, Frank finds a way to make bank off of it though. Fiona is having a crisis of conscience when a coworker falls of her roof. Meanwhile, Lip has a moment of clarity about his relationship with Youens. (Showtime, 9pm ET/PT)



The Gifted – Sadly, the season is coming to an end. Tonight is a two hour season finale watching Dr. Campbell seeks to spread his Hound program nationwide. Polaris learns more about her past, which could lead to her making a tough decision with lasting consequences. (FOX, 8pm ET/PT)

Supergirl – She’s back! Supergirl is still struggling to regain her strength after fighting Reign. Sadly, she’s stuck in an unreachable coma. But can her friends break this almost impossible wall? (CW, 8pm ET/PT)



Black Lightning – It’s a new superhero on the scene! After a decade Pierce returns to fight crime, something he thought he had put behind him. (CW, 9pm ET/PT)

Bull – The D.A.’s office looks for help from Bull when the pledge of a fraternity winds up dead during a hazing accident. Timely. (CBS, 10pm ET/P)T



The Blacklist – Red thinks he’s as good as gold as he tracks down a legendary treasure. Unfortunately, his search strikes the curiosity of a cunning manipulator. (NBC, 8pm ET/PT)

Speechless – Maya makes a name for herself starting her own school. Meanwhile, Kenneth is on a mission to prove to his ex-wife that he’s making bank. (ABC, 8:30pm ET/PT)



Grey’s Anatomy – Oh. My. Jo! Our girl has to put her big girl panties on to face her abusive ex-husband. Meanwhile, the rest of the Grey’s staff work together with the FBI to find out who hacked their system. (ABC, 8pm ET/PT)

Supernatural – Carry on my wayward sisters! This is the pilot for the spinoff series to come where Sheriff Jodi Mills reaches out to rogue hunter Claire Novak to let her know it’s time to come home to help locate the Winchesters. (CW, 8pm ET/PT)



Taken – Bryan Mills finds himself lost in the woods after a plane crash. He’s not alone though…He’s with a key witness in a murder investigation… (NBC, 9pm ET/PT)

Blue Bloods – Henry finds himself back in police business when he becomes a witness in Danny and Baez’s most recent case. Ever the advocate, Nicky shocks her family when she stands by her activist friend. Eddie and Jamie have their own hands full when they discover a parole officer taking advantage of his position. (CBS, 10pm ET/P)T



Saturday Night Live – Jessica Chastain takes the lead as she hosts SNL this week! Plus, South African musical sensation Troye Sivan takes to the stage. Join me here to tweet this topical television show. (NBC, 11:29pm ET/PT)

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