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By: Marc Regen


Each time I sit to write a new addiction piece, I think of who is bringing the most to the table when it comes to staying relevant or becoming relevant in the public eye and the work they put in to bring that to fruition. With that said, each Who’s Hot piece we will bring you a new face or even the face of someone we have grown to love, who has proven themselves time and again. The purpose is to get you acquainted or reacquainted with the person we feel deserves a spotlight at the time.

The reason for the spotlight is to recognize why they are so hot at this moment. They could have helped rake in millions at the box office, acted their asses off in the role they were given, put a hot new track out, became the new “IT” girl or guy on the runway or put out the hottest collection that is to die for. For this month’s moment, I bring you Emily VanCamp.

Emily VanCamp has made headlines for a long time and continues to do so, which is the reason why she is spotlighted as who is hot right now and should be an addiction to us all. VanCamp is making a return to primetime television with the new FOX series “The Resident.” VanCamp has been in the business for quite some time now and she continues to work her ass off. This is why she makes the Who’s Hot cut this time around.

Emily VanCamp, 31, is an actress known for her roles on popular television shows such as “Everwood,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Revenge” and the film franchise Captain America.  VanCamp is returning to television three years after the series “Revenge” ended. In January 2018, she will scrub in to portray a whistle-blowing nurse named Nicolette Nevin. Will Nic be as wholesome as her character Rebecca on “Brothers & Sisters” or conniving and determined like Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke on “Revenge?” It will be interesting to see how she brings the character of Nic into our homes. As far as I’m concerned, VanCamp always turns all her dialogue into gold and makes even the nastiest characters become loved by viewers.

Let us take a glimpse into her phenomenal characters that she has played over the years convincingly. I feel by far the intense role of “Revenges” Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke has been the most intense and fun to watch on the small screen, but you tell me. Maybe you loved one of her other characters more.

“Everwood’s” Amy Abbott: Young, innocent and learning life-lessons. The actress gained a certain amount of recognition for the role in which her character was confronted with drugs, depression and an alienation from her family, receiving four Teen Choice Awards nominations and one Young Artist Awards nomination during the course of the show’s run.

“Brothers & Sisters’” Rebecca Harper: Strong and coming into her own despite learning some shocking family secrets.

“Revenge’s” Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke: Cunning, intelligent, witty and sexy female chameleon who vowed vengeance on a rich, powerful family in the Hamptons that had a hand in her father’s separation from her and losing him as a young child. As the first TV show VanCamp has truly headlined, “Revenge” has garnered her a significant amount of recognition, including multiple Teen Choice Awards nominations.

Captain America’s Sharon Carter: A badass agent out for justice and assisting Chris Evan’s Captain.

You have to love VanCamp’s performances in any role she fills. She applies a real quality to her roles. You can’t take your eyes off the screen. Now she gets the chance to show you another side of her with the character of Nicolette Nevan. Be sure to tune in for the upcoming pilot of FOX’s medical drama, “The Resident.”

With that said, feel free to tweet me or comment on the column. Tell us who you would like to see in the spotlight and why!

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