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By: Marc Regan



There is no doubt about it that there will always be a fresh face in Hollywood. There will always be a bright eyed, eager hopeful who will stop at nothing to be the next icon. With that said, every week we will bring you a new face or even the face of someone we have grown to love, who has proven themselves time and again. The purpose is to get you acquainted or reacquainted with the person we feel deserves a spotlight each week.


The reason for the spotlight is to recognize why they are so hot in that given week. They could have helped rake in millions at the box office, acted their asses off in the role they were given, put a hot new track out, became the new “IT” girl or guy on the runway or put out the hottest collection that is to die for. You get the jist of what I’m saying!


So, as they say in show business, “Get on with the show!” Or is it “Off with your head?” Tomato or Tamato. Isn’t it all the same in Hollywood? I mean after all, you always have to watch your back for that “Eve Harrington.” If you don’t get the reference then you must give All About Eve a watch.


This week’s Addiction is Aisha Dee and this is why she makes the Who’s Hot cut this week.


Aisha Dee, 23, stars in The Bold Type as Kat Edison. On Freeform’s The Bold Type, Dee’s character Kat is the social media department manager at Scarlet magazine where she works with her two besties, Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) and Jane Sloane (Katie Stevens). Kat is pretty young to be head of the department, but she is awesome at her job. She has gotten to this point in her career by being current and aware of who she is. Dare I say that she is a millennial?



Let’s talk a bit about the girl behind the character she plays. Dee is an Australian actress and singer who started to surface in 2008. She has her own band called Dee Dee & the Beagles. I call Dee the “bi-racial angel” as she comes from a bi-racial family and Dee is a gorgeous woman who can pull off looks such as sexy and sultry, as well as, angelic and pure.


Dee currently has all television acting credits to her name with a short film she worked on in 2015. You may have seen her in other television favorites such as The Saddle Club and I Hate My Teenage Daughter. She was extremely memorable in a main role as Beth Kingston in another Freeform favorite, Chasing Life, where she played best friend to April Carver (Italia Ricci). The character April was a 24-years-old junior reporter who was diagnosed with leukemia. Dee’s portrayal of Beth was amazing. Dee was able to show viewers how hard it is watching your best friend go through such a life-threatening battle and feel powerless.


Moving forward to Dee’s current role on The Bold Type, Dee’s character Kat is BOLD in every sense of the word. Kat is not afraid to speak her mind. Even though she has achieved a powerful place at the magazine and in her own life, she is not perfect. Kat makes mistakes like any human and her mouthpiece has gotten her into plenty of trouble. Dee connects with the character of Kat because Dee feels all humans are a little flawed and Kat is a human being no matter what position she holds in life. Dee spoke with women who work for Cosmopolitan magazine to prepare for this role. She also had to revisit a side of her mind because, much like the character of Kat, there is a part of Dee that is actually naïve to what she should be intimidated by.


There are many television shows these days that are including characters that are part of the LGBTQ community or becoming aware of their identity. It is great that The Bold Type has joined this list that has included such characters. The series is doing this in a big way with queer inclusion and Dee’s Kat Edison plays a major part in the storyline. Kat has a budding bi-curiosity that she never tapped into nor knew she even had. She has spent a lifetime being attracted to men.


Kat met lesbian artist Adena El-Amin played by Nikohl Boosheri to get the artist to interview with Scarlet magazine. From the moment they met, sparks flew and Kat became confused by how she was feeling. There was build up during a few episodes about Kat’s confusion and not one person in her life was bothered by her confusion. They all supported her and told her to figure things out. In the episode titled, “If You Can’t Do It With Feeling,” Kat got to explore her feelings in a lip lock with Adena.



What makes this so important is that the series is showing viewers that it is okay not to have your sexuality figured out early in life and it is not a big deal if you figure it out later in life. In fact, it even showed that if you have a friend who just had the struggles that Kat had, you should be supportive like Kat’s friends are and not have a meltdown about it. Most importantly, Dee gets to have a hand in helping change people’s minds about how to handle situations like this and how to come to terms with who you are.

So, there you have it –  the perfect ingredients for a “Who’s Hot” recipe. These are a few reasons on why Aisha Dee makes the “Who’s Hot” cut this week.

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