“Who’s Hot”: This Week’s Addiction

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By: Marc Regen


There is no doubt about it that there will always be a fresh face in Hollywood. There will always be a bright eyed, eager hopeful who will stop at nothing to be the next icon.


With that said, every week we will bring you a new face or even the face of someone we have grown to love, who has proven themselves time and again. The purpose is to get you acquainted or reacquainted with the person we feel deserves a spotlight each week.


The reason for the spotlight is to recognize why they are so hot in that given week. They could have helped rake in millions at the box office, acted their asses off in the role they were given, put a hot new track out, became the new “IT” girl on the runway or put out the hottest collection that is to die for. You get the jist of what I’m saying. So, as they say in show business, “Get on with the show!” Or is it “Off with your head?” Tomato or Toma-toe. Isn’t it all the same in Hollywood? I mean, after all, you always have to watch your back for that “Eve Harrington.” If you don’t get the reference, then you must give All About Eve a watch.


This week’s Addiction is Sutton Foster and this is why she makes the Who’s Hot cut this week.



Sutton Foster, 42, stars in “Younger” opposite Nico Tortorella and Hilary Duff as Liza Miller. On TVLand’s “Younger,” Foster started off in the pilot four seasons ago as a 40-year-old who passes herself off as 26-year-old to land a job. Her character never thought the lie would go as far as it has, lasting four seasons, keeping this lie from her newfound friends that she holds so dear. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but if you have not checked this gem out then you must.


Foster plays Liza with such a vulnerability, but also brings a sex appeal and somewhat confident swagger to this amazing and complicated character. Let’s not forget that Foster also plays humor extremely well. She is the actress that can make you crack a smile or have a good laugh while she delivers her sarcastic lines or reacts to situations she gets herself in.


Let us get down to some more hot stuff about Foster. Like other peers in her field of work, she has other talents. This force to be reckoned with can sing. Well, she hasn’t gotten Tony awards for nothing. Foster is a Broadway beauty who has won a Tony for her performances in Thoroughly Modern Millie and Anything Goes years before she became the one to watch on the small screen. On the small screen, Foster played another quirky character on a short-lived show called “Bunheads” that was created by hit television show “Gilmore Girls” creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino. When Netflix gave the green light to bring back a revival of “Gilmore Girls,” Sherman-Palladino asked Foster to play the role of Violet in the Summer episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in which she appeared opposite her real life ex-husband Christian Borle. Foster is even working on an album set to release in 2017. What’s hotter than a triple-threat or a quadruple-threat in the industry?


With that said, here is your catch up on “Younger” so you can start tuning in if you haven’t yet. Liza who has kept her lie from many, fell for Josh (Nico Tortorella), a younger hot millennial. Eventually, Josh learned of the deceit, but they were able to work through it. Josh decided he was going to propose to her as a surprise while she was on a work trip during the Season Three finale. Josh saw Liza kissing her boss (Peter Hermann), which broke his heart and now he wants nothing to do with her in Season Four. We are just a couple episodes in so DVR “Younger” if you can’t watch it when it airs. Aside from Liza having to make it up to Josh, she has to patch things up with Kelsey (Hilary Duff). Liza told Kelsey the truth around the same time she found out about Josh’s proposal. Will their friendship ever be the same? Let’s add this in for a complicated matter: Kelsey, who needed to find a place to live, was offered by Josh to live with him. They have a connection like no other. Kelsey and Josh both relate to the Liza situation and are in Liza recovery together.  How can Liza fix this all? How does she get the love of her life back and her bestie as well? Tune in to see how it all plays out.


So, there you have it – the perfect ingredients for a “Who’s Hot” recipe. These are a few reasons on why Sutton Foster makes the “Who’s Hot” cut this week. If you disagree, just remember she gets to lock lips with Nico Tortorella on the regular. Is that a double dose of HOT? What are your thoughts?

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