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Bobby Cannavale is back and reprising his role as Will’s ex Vince in an emotionally charged episode. No, Will and Vince are not back together and rushing toward wedded bliss, but a wedding is on the docket which forces Will to face some truths about himself that he would’ve rather left at the altar. It’s wedding bells blues on this week’s “Will and Grace.”

Something old

It’s mid-morning at the Truman/Adler abode and Will (Eric McCormack) is all a flutter since his ex-love Vince (Bobby Cannavale) is coming over to hang out. Jack (Sean Hayes) waltzes in and interrupts Will and Grace’s (Debra Messing) routine to throw some biblical shade because…wait for it…he just got home from church! It’s a twist that soon unravels when he compares the apostles to “gay best friends” while calling Grace “Mary Hagdalene,” all the while referencing “The Old Testicle.” Will’s nervous vibes outshine Jack’s biblical debacle and all Grace can do is wonder how gay men stay friends with their exes. Jack steps in to explain to “Hagdalene” the nuances of the male on male relationship, which winds up turning into a reason to fat shame Will. Looking into the mirror and fretting over his aging looks, Will is convinced he’s starting to resemble Betsy DeVos and he’s in full panic mode. That’s when Vince arrives the two former lovers sit down, break bread (with way too much butter and olive oil for Truman’s liking) and catch up. It seems Vince has some big news and as soon as Will stops fussing over the oil on the man’s face, he tells him he’s getting married. Trying to keep himself together for Vince’s sake, Will smiles and acts happy for him, but it’s evident he’s anything but. The problem is that when Vince broke up with him, it was because he wasn’t ready to commit and after five years, Will was. Now, Will’s confused and devastated, wondering what the real reason was that he ended things. To his knowledge, the two men spent a blissful five years together and now Vince is jumping into a marriage with a man he’s known for nine months? Things are not adding up and it’s starting to affect Will’s mood and maybe a little bit of his sanity.

The next morning, a distraught Will is a hot mess and Grace is doing what all best friends do – trying to comfort him while trying to stop him from doing something incredibly stupid. When Vince told Will about the wedding, he also invited him to attend his big day and Grace thinks going would be a terrible idea. Considering Will stayed up all night stalking his ex’s new man across all the social media platforms, he could find he looks like he’s two seconds from a full on Grey Garden’s meltdown. Grace insists Will skip the event, for his own sanity, and reminds him that she always has his back. He agrees to stay home and let Grace go in his place as long as she doesn’t use an embarrassing excuse as to why he’s absent. She agrees and then gives herself a little pat on the back for being a phenomenal best friend.

Something New

It’s the day of the wedding and not only is Grace attending but so are Jack and Karen (Megan Mullally), who have their own reasons for wishing the happy couple good fortune. Karen, sporting a live, honest to God, monkey on her shoulder is in the middle if a scavenger hunt (Monkey=100pts. A Kardashian= 80 pts.) with Ivanka Trump and a police badge is high on the list of items. Jack is also on the search for a badge, hopefully one attached to a cute gay cop because he’s never has one of those before. Both have scoring on the mind and Vince’s wedding is the perfect backdrop for their hunt.

Skip to the wedding and Jack is trying to work his mojo on the room, but his gaydar is on the fritz thanks to all the men in uniform. Apparently, nightsticks throw off his rainbow senses so he asks a group of men which TV shows were their favorites. Immediately he finds his unicorn when an officer named Drew (Ryan Pinkston) says, “This is Us,” instead of the usual cop drama “The Wire.” Jack takes Drew by the hand for a little nuptial makeout session while Karen’s on her phone harassing Ivanka about the scavenger hunt. Walker is in this to win it and, unlike the Trumps, she doesn’t need the Russians to help her succeed. For a jackpot of $40 and bragging rights, Karen wants that crown and, thankfully, she’s in a room full of badges just ripe for the picking.

Somehthing Borrowed (or Stolen)

Speaking of picking, Grace is all smiles as she eats her weight in sliders and offers the newly married couple their best wishes. Her food coma smile fades when Will saunters in swearing he only came because he thought Vince would want him there. Knowing her best friend better than he knows himself, Grace isn’t buying it and presses Will for the truth. He admits he can’t get over the fact that Vince must’ve lied about the reason for their break up and he needs to know why or else he’s never going to move on. He promises not to make a scene, but a few minutes later Grace has to stop him before he asks Vince why he dumped him. Will won’t drop this until he has an answer and, more than likely, thoroughly embarrasses himself and Vince.

Meanwhile, Jack and Drew wander back from their romp and things go from hot to not. Jack is Drew’s first and now the eager cop thinks he’s in love. Drew went from closeted cop to full blown rainbow warrior and Jack is left wondering if he has some kind of special straight to gay powers. After trying to explain the fine art hook-up culture and not getting through to Drew at all, Jack freaks when he finds out that Drew is actually married to Vince’s cousin Angela (Mackenzie Marsh)! Both men keep quiet about knowing each other in the gay biblical sense but, when Angela suggest the two become friends, Jack bails to find his partner in crime Karen who’s closing in on her mark. Approaching an officer, Karen leans in and asks him if it’s still illegal if you cut cocaine with aspirin. The man in blue is thrown off by her question and that’s when Walker swoops in for the kill. She swipes his badge as the confused man walks away making the Scavenger Hunt score Walker-1 Ivanka-0.

Something Blue

After missing his chance to ask Vince why he ended things, Will gets roped into a photo op with his ex and new husband, Ryan (Sterling Sulieman). Before they can say “Green Goddess Dressing,” Will starts nitpicking Vince and controlling the shot. First, he’s demanding Vince stand to his liking and then he’s pausing the photographer to move a gravy boat out of their view. Vince loses it and that’s when the truth about their failed relationship comes out. Vince can’t take Will’s controlling behavior and accuses him of never really liking him in the first place. Vince was never good enough for Will and that was the reason their relationship ended. Things go from bad to worse when Will starts to realize Vince is right. He stands up to give a toast that’s less about the happy couple and more about Will’s pity party over his sad life. The awkward doesn’t stop there as Grace stands to give a toast aimed at reminding Will he’s loved. On cue, Jack follows suit and then Grace and then Will and really these three have a toast off that winds hijacking Vince’s happy day. Interrupting their speeches, Vince gives one of his own and tells Will he’s always thought of him as the one that got away.

Sad but finally getting the closure he needed, Will runs into Vince in the restroom where the newly hitched cop asks his ex if he’s doing the right thing. It’s a bittersweet moment that has you rooting for the former couple but just like Will, in your heart you know is time to move on. Will hugs Vince and tells him he’s made the right decision, which is hard because Vince admits he will always think of Will as his ex-husband.

Speaking of ex-husbands, Drew might be headed in that direction after Vince and Will catch him making out with Jack in the bathroom stall. Half dressed, the hook-up boys flee the scene proving that what happens in the bathroom at your best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s wedding stays there. Same goes for Karen “Sticky Fingers” Walker, who makes Grace swear not to tell anyone she just pickpocketed a cop. Besides, the woman just beat the first daughter in a scavenger hunt across the city. Not even Robert Mueller himself could take down the criminal mastermind of one, Karen Walker.

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