Wynonna Earp – I Hope You Dance

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By: Michelle Lopez



We pick up with Bobo (Michael Eklund) leading Beth (Meghan Heffern) and Mercedes (Dani Kind) to their husband, the demon Clootie. Before they get too far, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and her trusty shotgun show up. They lob quips at each other and Waverly tries to get Bobo to admit to being her father, but he doesn’t bite. Actually he licks…her shotgun and snags it while she ponders how she could be related to this creep. They’re interrupted when Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) shows up and tries to send Bobo back to Hell. With the third seal broken and Clootie awake, the Widows and Bobo are immune to Peacemaker. So, he hurls a hunk of metal at the Earps, giving him and his cohorts time to skedaddle.

Waverly rushes to Wynonna’s side, checking to make sure she and the baby are alright. When she’s sure they’re unharmed, Waverly deflates, asks if Wynonna’s forgotten about her betrayal and wonders if blowing up the majority of Purgatory’s queer population to break the spell gains her any forgiveness points. Wynonna hasn’t forgotten and is pissed, but now’s not the time to deal with that. So, they hug it out. Wynonna explains that Bobo’s back because she died for a hot second during her vision quest.

Dolls (Shamier Anderson) gasps awake and finds himself in a body bag. It takes him a second to get his bearings and when he remembers Wynonna, he grabs the plate and rushes to the Homestead. There he finds Jeremy (Varun Saranga) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) in their best cartoon-explosion fashion. The Earp sisters return and Wynonna’s pleased as punch to have the majority of her band of misfits back together. They each update the group on what they were up to last episode, including Dolls and Doc killing each other. Waverly’s drowning in guilt over all the trouble she caused, but what’s done is done and they need to focus on how they’re going to deal with the brewing shit-storm. Wynonna tells everyone to cut it out with feelings and secrets because they’ve got a very small window to deal with Clootie and his wives before baby Earp makes their debut in Purgatory.

After a quick pee break, Wynonna finishes sharing what she was cut off from telling Dolls when Gretta (Rachael Ancheril) rudely erased her. She holds Peacemaker near the plate and they both glow with orange symbols. The two are related in some way and they’re going to use it to defeat Clootie. She sends Jeremy off to figure out where Clootie’s tomb is, Dolls to find Doc (Tim Rozon) and Nicole to do some mystery task. Meanwhile, she and Waverly are going to figure out what to do with the plate.

Bobo leads the Widows to the decrepit mine that’s been Clootie’s home. Beth is beyond excited as they get closer their hubby, but Mercedes looks like she’d rather have jury duty. Bobo digs Clootie up and he’s looking worse than Mercedes’ rotting face. His first request is a snack to get his energy up and Beth is happy to oblige. She finally gets to “serve” her master like she’s been aching to do all season. Mercedes, on the other hand, isn’t feeling the whole “life of servitude” thing so she grabs an axe and quite literally smashes the Patriarchy by lopping off Clootie’s hand. Mercedes has seen the sheer badassery of Wynonna and realized that she doesn’t have to belong to a man; she can be her own person. She snags Clootie’s ring before trapping Bobo and Beth in the mine. Outside she puts the ring on and transforms from a rotting Widow to a gorgeous white-haired sorceress.

Gretta’s realized her revenge plot was dumb. She pissed off the Earps and caused Clootie to rise so she’s packing her bags to get the hell out of Dodge. Before she can flee, the Earp sisters show up and they’re none too pleased with Gretta’s stunt. Luckily for Gretta, they’re not there to hurt her; they want her to weaponize the plate.

Dolls finds Doc standing on the ledge of the well, staring despondently into the abyss. He knows the third seal has been broken because he can feel his mortality. He snaps back to reality when Dolls mentions that Wynonna’s back and needs their help with the Widows and Bobo.

While Gretta’s busy with the plate, Waverly apologizes again and Wynonna admits that she’s freaked out because her sister (the smart one) is the one who mucked everything up. She’s disappointed but not mad because getting screwed over was a byproduct of Waverly saving the lady she loves. Waverly takes this opportunity to share that Nicole’s married to a gorgeous lady doctor, which shocks Wynonna but doesn’t change anything. Nicole is head over heels in love with Waverly. Since they’re dropping truth bombs, Waverly lets her big sis know that her DNA test proved she’s not an Earp. This too changes absolutely nothing because Waverly is and always will be an Earp.

Gretta pops back into the house to confirm that the plate, now in bullet form, was made from the same material as Peacemaker. Unfortunately, the plate wasn’t very large and only had enough material for a single bullet. Waverly’s not a fan of one bullet and three baddies, but Wynonna figures they get rid of Clootie and the Widows disappear, too. After another pee break, Wynonna heads outside and is hit with a doozy of a contraction because baby Earp is on the way.

At BBD, Nicole and Jeremy are trying to figure out where the heck Clootie’s been stashed. Jeremy concludes he was probably moved to the old mine Bobo had under high security. Nicole’s curious about why Jeremy stuck around after BBD abandoned them. He doesn’t fit in with their group and for the first time in his life it doesn’t matter. This band of misfits never asked him to be anything other than himself. She tells him he’s part of the family and then reinvented Mercedes bursts in, demanding the heir/her weapon. Jeremy and Nicole pull their weapons, but they’re helpless against Mercedes’ frost breath.

On the way to the Homestead, Waverly gives Doc a call to let him know baby Earp’s on the way. Doc and Dolls spring into action and Dolls heads out fetch Wynonna’s doctor while Doc goes to Wynonna. Waverly and Wynonna’s path to the Homestead is blocked by a scattering of frost-breath-paralyzed folks (including Nicole and Jeremy) as well as reinvented Mercedes. Wynonna threatens her with the special plate bullet when Beth sneaks up behind them, grabbing Waverly. Each sister-wife wants Wynonna to shoot the other. Mercedes wants to team up with Wynonna to take down Bulshar a/k/a Clootie while Beth is preparing to kill Waverly.

Doc shows up before Wynonna has to make a decision. He decides that killing Wynonna would be the easiest way to end this nonsense. Wynonna thinks Doc’s confused about which reality he’s in, but he lets her know that when he died he saw Wyatt. Somehow this gets Wynonna on board with his plan. She tells him to aim high so they can save the baby and they both take aim at each other. Waverly’s freaking out in Beth’s grasp because killing Wynonna is a worse plan than handing over the third seal. Mercedes and Beth are so sure they’re bluffing right until the moment they fire. Their bullets collide mid-flight and Doc’s splits Wynonna’s into two pieces that hit both Beth and Mercedes in the head. They dissolve into a whole lot of spiders that scamper off, leaving behind Bulshar’s ring.

Everyone paralyzed by Mercedes is freed and our crew hug it out. When the moment of relief passes, Waverly slaps Doc and scolds him and Wynonna for their stunt. Wynonna has another contraction and the plan for her to give birth on the Homestead goes out the window. They rush her into Shorty’s while Nicole prepares to go off on her secret mission. She asks her to not be hard on Wynonna for what’s she’s about to do because she’s going to need all the support Waverly can offer.

Inside Shorty’s, Wynonna sends Doc and Jeremy to the old mine check on Clootie while Waverly and Rosita (Tamara Duarte) deliver the baby. Wynonna stops Jeremy on his way out and tells him she’s glad he stayed in Purgatory, further solidifying Nicole’s sentiment earlier. She also apologizes to Rosita for the shenanigans she pulled prior to disappearing and Rosita tells her that she’s got her back, seemingly having forgiven her.

Dolls’ trip to grab Wynonna’s doctor hits a snag when he’s stopped by The Order chilling in the middle of the road. Ewan (Brandon Fehr) lets him know that they’ve killed the doctor because they plan on taking the baby and raising it to be the ultimate demon-fighting weapon. This doesn’t sit well with Dolls at all so he gets into a shootout with The Order, ultimately channeling his inner dragon and turns The Order to dust (hopefully).

Waverly lets Wynonna, now sprawled on the pool table, know that she is aware of Wynonna’s plan to send the baby away. She understands why Wynonna’s doing it, but she’s hurt that she was left out of the plan. Wynonna wanted to hold off hurting Waverly as long as possible and they’re not sure Waverly can leave the Ghost River Triangle. Waverly’s surprised Wynonna knows that because she hasn’t mentioned anything. After her vision quest, Wynonna figured that Bobo might be her father. Waverly wonders aloud what she’d be if Bobo is her father, which is a silly question because she is and will always be Waverly Earp.

Rosita returns and knocks Waverly out. She’s reclaiming some agency by trading the baby for protection since Doc’s not reliable. She promises that the baby will survive but not much else. Wynonna’s not in a position to kick Rosita’s ass so opts for letting Rosita know that there isn’t anywhere to hide because she’s never going to stop hunting her. Waverly wakes up and grabs Peacemaker, causing Rosita to panic until Waverly tries to take the shot, but nothing happens since she’s not the heir. Wynonna sees Waverly’s confidence dropping so she reminds her that she’s the best of them and just as much a part of Wynonna as the baby. Then, she turns her attention to Peacemaker and yells at it to cooperate. It listens, glows blue and Waverly shoots Rosita. It doesn’t send her to Hell, but it’s enough to send her fleeing.

Doc and Jeremy find Bobo at the mine entrance. Doc informs him of the Widows’ deaths, but Bobo’s not concerned since he promised Clootie his angel, Waverly. This sends Jeremy and Doc over the edge and they attack. Doc ends up with a stabbed hand and Bobo threatens to hurt Jeremy’s metal-filled body (from a childhood accident). Good thing Jeremy built a plastic gun which shoots an energy wave that knocks Bobo down long enough for Doc to impale him on some metal spikes.

Wynonna’s given birth and the Revenants are on their way. Wynonna planned the baby’s great escape, but she never considered how much she’d love the baby. She doesn’t want to give it up because it’s the coolest thing she’s ever done, but she does because it’s what’s best for baby Earp. In tears, Wynonna parts with her child and asks Waverly to make sure that Doc gets to say goodbye. Waverly heads toward the back exit, to Nicole and the getaway car, but pauses to let Wynonna know that she is the best of us.

Nicole drives Waverly and baby Earp to the border of the Ghost River Triangle so they can do a Revenant check. Waverly carries baby Earp across the border with Nicole prepared to yank them back if they start to burn. There is no burning — just a sigh of relief. Baby Earp is Doc’s and can escape the triangle. Waverly’s not half-Revenant or an Earp and wonders what that makes her. For Nicole that’s a no-brainer — Waverly’s extraordinary.

The Revenants, led by Stevie (Reamonn Joshee), finally bust into Shorty’s but the baby’s gone, leaving the very pissed off Earp heir. Wynonna shoots all the Revenants with Dolls backing her up.

Outside the mine, Jeremy gets some sort of premonition and tells Doc that he needs to go meet “WayHaught” at a certain set of coordinates to see his baby. Doc looks pretty confused until Jeremy explains he walked away from the childhood accident with more than a few injuries. Nobody gets recruited to Black Badge unless they’ve got something not quite human going on.

Waverly and Nicole drive to a field where a helicopter lands nearby. It’s Perry (Patrick Kwok-Choon) and he’s brought private security and a wet nurse for baby Earp’s trip out of town. Doc rushes over and gets his chance to say goodbye to his child. Waverly assures him the baby will be safe because it’ll be in the care of the woman who raised her, Gus Gibson.

Doc walks away as Perry takes his child away. He grabs Bobo and drops him in his well to keep him on ice for the Earps. Before he covers the well and leaves, he calls Bobo out for lying about being Waverly’s father, but Bobo never claimed to be that — just kin. Doc also shares that when he died in the alternate reality, he went to Hell.

Doc finds Wynonna as heartbroken as he is. Wynonna vows to kill Bulshar and end this horrid curse so that baby Earp never has to. Doc asks if their child has a name and she does: Alice Michelle, after both their mothers.

Cue Mama Earp in voice-over telling Wynonna that there are men as mean as rattlesnakes and demons sweet as honey, while Jeremy and Waverly laugh outside Shorty’s with Dolls. Nicole’s in her squad car with her signed divorce papers, a case file about the Cult of Bulshar and Bulshar’s ring. Dolls and Nicole share a knowing look before she joins them.

The voice over continues with Mama Earp talking about “him” who she’s sure will rise, as Wynonna rides her motorcycle out to the woods. She reaches her destination and finds a woman. Wynonna informs her that Bulshar’s back, asks what to do next and calls her Mama.

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