Wynonna Earp – I See A Darkness

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By: Michelle Lopez



We open on Nicole (Katherine Barrell) starting her day off by opening her door for Widow Mercedes (Dani Kind), who she mistakenly guessed was Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley). Widow Mercedes is looking mighty haggard and in desperate need of the third seal, which her magic rings told her was at Nicole’s house with “the law.” She attacks Nicole, demanding the seal, until Waverly stops by to show off her amazing stick-fighting skills. Waverly goes on the offensive while Nicole drags herself toward her gun in the kitchen. Before Nicole can get to it, Mercedes gets the upper hand on Waverly so Nicole vaults over the couch and puts Mercedes in a choke hold, which ends up with her getting bitten like Juan Carlo. Having gotten a taste of Nicole’s blood, Mercedes realizes that Nicole doesn’t have the seal so she bounces with plans to return later when the actual ring bearer is there. Waverly rushes to Nicole’s side and begs her not to die as she dials 911.

In the hospital, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) explains why whatever she’s asking Nedley (Greg Lawson) to do is important, but he doesn’t need any explanation. The fact that she’s asking him for a favor over snarking at him tells him everything he needs to know. Before heading off to the can, he tells her to handle whatever fresh hell she’s fighting because Purgatory’s had enough demon nonsense for a good long while.

Wynonna enters faceless Mercedes’ room and jokes about what she’d say if she could see Wynonna third-trimester preggers and ready to pop. Dolls (Shamier Anderson) wanders, in ready to make himself and Wynonna feel worse about not stopping the Gardner sisters from being face-jacked. They both feel guilty for letting it happen, but Wynonna’s focusing on getting retribution (and maybe a face) for Mercedes. Wynonna hears Waverly screaming so she rushes over to the ER entrance where Nicole’s being taken by a team of doctors, one of which is Gretta (Rachael Ancheril) who is the Stone Witch’s twin.

In the waiting room, Waverly tries to fill Wynonna and Dolls in on what happened, but she’s a little scattered. She explains that Mercedes thought Nicole had the third seal so she bit her after dropping that she kissed Rosita (Tamara Duarte), who happens to be a Revenant. Before Wynonna can begin to process that Doc (Tim Rozon) is dating a Revenant or that everyone seems to have known before her, she gets hung up on how Mercedes thought Nicole had the seal. It makes no sense because she’s the only person who knows where the seal is and it’s definitely not with Nicole. Waverly is overwhelmed with everything that’s happened so she heads outside for some fresh air. With Waverly gone, Dolls mentions what the Widows’ bite did to the undead bane of Dolls’ existence, Juan Carlo. Wynonna isn’t ready to lose all her favorite redheads, so they’re going to save Nicole.

Outside, Waverly starts to melt down but is interrupted by Widow Beth (Meghan Heffern), who has stopped by to tempt Waverly with a cure. If Waverly coughs up the third seal, Beth will save Nicole’s life because their supernatural venom is no match for some silly human doctors. Waverly swears she’d never betray Wynonna’s trust, which makes Beth laugh because she knows what’s going to happen to Nicole without the cure.

When Waverly re-enters the hospital, Dolls intercepts her to deliver some not great news: they’re going to put Nicole into a coma to stop the spread of the venom but she won’t go under without talking to Waverly first. While Waverly makes her way to Nicole’s room, Nicole is busy telling Wynonna what Mercedes said about “the law” and asking her to pull the plug if necessary because she knows Waverly never would and she doesn’t want to be a burden. Wynonna reluctantly agrees as Waverly arrives. Wynonna decides it’s not the time for her to show off her amazing ability to interrupt “WayHaught,” so she skedaddles. Nicole’s preparing for goodbye by making sure Calamity Jane stays with Nedley and apologizing profusely for hiding the DNA results from Waverly. She wants to leave things on as positive a note as possible under the circumstances, but Waverly’s not prepared to entertain the notion of saying goodbye. When Nicole professes to love her more than anyone else, Waverly nopes her way out of the conversation because they will have plenty of time for professions of love when Nicole gets better.

In the waiting room, Jeremy (Varun Saranga) has arrived and is ready to start working on a cure, but he’s running low on Widow venom and test subjects. Waverly jumps at the opportunity to be the test subject, but Jeremy needs a non-human and now really isn’t the time to bring up the whole half-Revenant thing. Instead, she gets a bit frustrated and ends up knocking Jeremy’s “Optimug Prime” off the table, which Jeremy says is fine because he can fix it. Waverly believes him but at the same time can’t help but wonder aloud what if he can’t. Wynonna’s crushed seeing her baby sister so devastated, but isn’t willing to give up the seal so she asks Waverly to trust her and the team to find a cure. Jeremy’s going to do whatever he can with his remaining samples, Dolls is going to talk to Ewan (Brandon Fehr) about Juan Carlo’s body, Wynonna’s going to find Jeremy a test subject and Doc’s going to hunt down some more venom.

Widow Beth apparates beside Waverly with the cure in hand to tempt her further. Waverly doesn’t know where the seal is and she knows she can’t trust Beth, but seeing the cure almost does the trick. Waverly turns to walk away yet second guesses that decision and prepares to chase after Beth when she runs into Nedley. He needs Nicole’s house keys so he can pick up Calamity Jane and he also wants to give Waverly a heads up that he had to call Nicole’s next of kin. Waverly assumes he called Nicole’s parents, whom she never talks to, but he didn’t. Cut to a very pretty doctor, Shae (Clark Backo), reading over Nicole’s chart as Waverly walks in. She assumes Shae is one of Nicole’s doctors, but she’s not — she’s actually Nicole’s wife.

Dolls catches up with Ewan and The Order outside of town as they burn the bodies of Juan Carlo and a few Order members who fell victim to the Widows. Dolls can’t believe the timing of this funeral and starts to leave because this trip was a waste of time they don’t have, but Ewan stops him. The Order is prepared to take in the Earp Heir and protect it from the multitude of bad guys that will be hunting it. Dolls declines because who hands over an infant to a fraternity of dude-bros who wear red robes and plague doctor masks in their free time? Ewan realizes that the only help The Order can offer that won’t be rejected is the weapon (plate) they’ve been holding on to.

Back in the hospital, Shae tells Waverly about how she and Nicole met rock-climbing near Vegas. Rock-climbing became a night at Britney Live which morphed into a poorly thought out wedding. Their relationship cooled down quickly, and they realized that they may have gotten married a bit suddenly. The story is interrupted when Nicole begins to wake up and the doctor rushes in and asks about any drug allergies. Waverly begins to say Nicole has none, but Shae knows otherwise due to a rock-climbing accident. Waverly starts to break down because she thinks she’s making everything worse and runs out of the room.

At Shorty’s, Doc is bringing in the morning the way he spent the night — playing cards with some Revenants, one of which is trying to weasel his way into the basement. Doc’s willing to bet basement access on one hand of high card draw,but the heir stopping by for a visit kills that plan as the Revenant runs out of the bar screaming. Wynonna goes to pull Peacemaker, but Doc’s not about having his invited guests sent to Hell. Doc’s a bit salty about aging, but when Wynonna tells him that Nicole’s dying he jumps up ready to do whatever’s necessary to save Nicole. Doc heads upstairs to get ready and Wynonna decides to confront Rosita with Peacemaker. Rosita figures Dolls was the one to spill the beans and is a little hurt that Waverly’s the one who outed her, but she also understands that Waverly’s not in the best place. She offers to help yet before Wynonna can respond, Doc comes downstairs ready to hunt some Widows. Wynonna’s not done talking to Rosita so she sends him to pull the car around, then “offers” Rosita a deal — if she is Jeremy’s test subject, she’ll shoot Rosita last when she ends the curse. Rosita takes the “deal,” but not before letting Wynonna know that she cares about Nicole and would have helped without the threat.

Jeremy’s relieved when Rosita shows up because he assumes she’s there to help with the crazy science, but when he realizes that she’s there to be a test subject he gets as pissed as a marshmallow like Jeremy can get. He knows that she’s a Revenant, but she’s his friend and he’s not about hurting the people he cares about. Rosita doesn’t have a choice so she sets up her own IV of torture cure.

At Nicole’s house, Doc and Wynonna are investigating the scene of the attack and find fresh blood on the floor. Doc scolds Wynonna for threatening Rosita and forcing her to be the test subject because while the testing won’t kill her it will hurt like hell. They hear something moving in the closet and get ready to blow it to smithereens, but it’s just Calamity Jane who was supposed to be at Nedley’s house already. Doc finds Nedley’s hat lying around and they realize that Mercedes came back to pick up the other half of “the law” in Purgatory. Cut to some random barn where Mercedes has Nedley tied to a chair and is beating the snot out of him, demanding the third seal. Nedley takes the beating like it’s nothing and sasses Mercedes like some sort of Earp. It turns out that between getting tortured by a decaying, face-snatching, bustle-wearing Widow or having Wynonna Earp crawl up his ass for eternity, Nedley would rather be tortured.

Jeremy’s overjoyed when Waverly and Dolls show up at BBD because he’s been sitting around watching Rosita torture herself at Wynonna’s behest. Waverly takes the IV out because she’s not going to let her friend inflict pain on herself when she can save Nicole by handing over the third seal. Dolls isn’t against the idea because they’d have Nicole around for the inevitable fight and he seems to really want to meet Demon Clootie. Since nobody but Wynonna knows where the third seal is, the debate is a moot point. Rosita goes to stick herself again, but Dolls jumps in to take a turn since he’s not exactly human. Waverly decides to stop by the hospital to see Nicole one more time.

When she arrives, Shae has bad news — the doctor told her that if Nicole wakes up again they should say their goodbyes. Waverly’s feeling guilty and tells Shae that she tried her best to keep Nicole out of danger, which prompts Shae to scoff and claim that anyone who believed that was possible didn’t know Nicole at all. It wasn’t meant in malice, but it hit Waverly square in the heart. Shae realizes her mistake and turns to Waverly and tells her without any uncertainty that what she had with Nicole was fun, but “WayHaught” is something special. Waverly’s not about to let Nicole go so she rushes out of the room, ready to make a series of Faustian deals.

She pesters Gretta until she admits that she’s an Iron Witch. Gretta gives in but has no interest in dealing with an Earp. Waverly is not the kind of person you can ignore. After hearing what bit Nicole, Gretta says she can maybe get the anti-venom and Waverly agrees to give Gretta whatever she wants in exchange for her help. Gretta chants some German and hands over a paper with the location where Waverly will find a cure for Nicole. Cut to Waverly in the police station, pulling Doc’s ring out of Nedley’s mug.

Outside Widow Mercedes’ torture barn, Wynonna and Doc plan their assault. Doc asks Wynonna to sit this one out, knowing full well the answer is no. Wynonna’s not going to sit out. but she will sit in the driver’s seat and drive the truck through the side of the barn and plow into Mercedes. Doc fires a whole lot of rounds into her and then pistol whips her before Wynonna hops out of the car and gets in a few punches before shooting her in the leg with Peacemaker. Fair warning to the universe: nobody gets to mess with Nedley other than Wynonna Earp. Doc ties up Mercedes while Wynonna frees Nedley and thanks him for being his amazing self. Doc and Wynonna roll Mercedes into BBD like Hannibal Lecter and they harvest her venom with a giant syringe to the cheek.

Cut to Wynonna skipping down the hall, cure in hand, ready to make Waverly’s day. When she enters Nicole’s room, she’s shocked to find Nicole completely cured. So shocked that she doesn’t notice Waverly looking mucho guilty. It slowly dawns on Wynonna what Waverly did and when the realization fully strikes, Waverly runs out of the room because she can’t face her big sister. She runs to Shorty’s, where her brooding is interrupted by Gretta, who has come to collect her favor. She wants the wish-granting-demon trophy they collected earlier this season. Waverly warns against it, but Gretta doesn’t mind the risks so she starts chanting in German. Doc rushes in because Wynonna sent him Waverly hunting and when he hears the words “disappear” and “Wynonna Earp” he tries to grab the trophy. Instead of taking it away, he disappears. You know who else disappears? Wynonna. She was fuming to Dolls about Waverly and figuring out what’s so special about The Order’s plate when poof she disappeared. Gretta lets Waverly know that she just cursed the Earp sisters in retribution for killing her sister. One will disappear and the other will have to live with it. Waverly screams out Wynonna’s name before seemingly forgetting all about her. Meanwhile, Doc is back in his well screaming out for Wynonna to help him.

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