Wynonna Earp – Steel Bars and Stone Walls

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By: Michelle Lopez


When we last left Purgatory, our heroine Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) had dispatched of Willa, Dolls (Shamier Anderson) was arrested by Black Badge (BB) and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) touched goo and took a shot in Wynonna and Doc’s (Tim Rozon) direction. We pick up moments later with Waverly and Doc fleeing from a creature (that looks like the live-action version of the Piranha Plant from Super Mario wearing a burlap sack) that Waverly shot at. The creature lunges at Doc and takes a bite out of his hat. It lunges again, but Wynonna clotheslines it with a log, shoots it with Peacemaker and announces they’re going to use it to rescue Dolls.

In a BB facility, Lucado’s (Kate Drummond) annoyed to find that Dolls called off her Purgatory air strike and Wynonna had sent Bobo back to Hell. She informs him that he’ll be transferred to Black Rock prison, then tases him.

At Purgatory PD, Wynonna wanders in to hear Nedley (Greg Lawson) feed reporters a story about Bobo poisoning the town to get the attention of his ex, Wynonna. The town hates Wynonna so much, they’d like the police to press charges against the person who, according to the story, was being stalked and harassed by her ex. Way to blame the victim Purgatory. Wynonna snarks at the reporters as they file out and makes her way to Nedley, who explains that he had to provide the town with a non-supernatural explanation for the recent events and using their hatred of Wynonna made sense. He drops a cheesy Batman line despite not being a fan and Wynonna calls him a monster. He doesn’t disagree, but he does want Wynonna to know that he understands what she sacrificed to save everyone. Wynonna sniffles as if she’s going to cry, but she’s caught a whiff of something horrible. BB found a dead possum in the air vents, causing them to suit up in some snazzy hazmat suits while cleaning out Doll’s office. Wynonna’s concerned about all the files, but Nedley assures her that Dolls was too smart to leave anything important there, leading them both to wonder where the heck Dolls actually lived.

Wynonna has decided to break into local motel rooms until she finds Dolls. Attempt number four is the winner. Wynonna hears rattling in the bathroom and calls out. An underwear-clad woman, Eliza (Rachel Skarsten), tosses a towel at Wynonna and rolls out of the bathroom tackling her. They tussle, trade quips, smash lamps and end up on the bed with Wynonna straddling Eliza. Eliza wants to know what the hell she’s doing in her hotel room. Wynonna tries to explain she works with Dolls, but Eliza’s never heard of her. Wynonna tells her that Dolls was taken by BB to be sent to prison. Eliza explains that “prison” doesn’t mean the same thing to BB; it means being shipped off to the Baltic Sea. They team up to break him out, but Eliza warns Wynonna that Dolls might be dead or worse than dead. Cut to Dolls with lizard eyes collapsing to the ground.

On the Homestead, Nicole (Katherine Barrell) comments on all the time she and Waverly spend patching each other up while Waverly tends to her latest wound. Waverly agrees and dives in for a kiss and only pulls away when she touches Nicole’s hurt torso. Based on how Waverly tastes, Nicole senses something’s off. Waverly plays it off as Doc strolls in, announcing his presence to respect Waverly and Nicole’s privacy. Nicole thanks him for the courtesy and heads out. Doc’s happy that Waverly found Nicole, but is concerned about how Waverly is doing after losing Willa. Waverly is mostly concerned about Wynonna, but overall she feels strong, which is a giant warning sign Doc drives right past.

The gang meets up to plan Dolls’ rescue, except they have no information on where he was taken. Wynonna, Doc and Eliza are going to coerce the agent at Dolls’ office to share his location while Waverly and Nicole check on the remaining Revenants. Wynonna’s post-Willa feelings catch up with her and she begins to melt down. Waverly pulls Wynonna away to give her a moment and scold her for not sleeping or eating since Willa’s death. Wynonna’s obviously a mess so Waverly gives her a hug. Wynonna composes herself and realizes that Waverly being a part of the plan is putting her last remaining family in danger. Waverly shuts that train of thought down; she’s her own person and Wynonna’s not going to tell her what to do. Wynonna relents and cooks up a secret plan with her sister.

At Purgatory PD, Wynonna and Doc take out the BB agents while Eliza fails to find Dolls’ drugs. Doc pulls out an almost-empty vial, but that’s enough to give Eliza hope that it’s not too late to save Dolls. Wynonna’s confused so Doc breaks it to her — Dolls isn’t exactly human. This news strengthens her resolve to find Dolls since they’re on a tighter schedule now. She threatens the lone conscious BB agent, who spills Dolls’ location.

At the BB facility, Wynonna and Doc drive up to the security gate dressed as the BB agents in Purgatory and show their stolen credentials. They exit the vehicle for inspection, but they’ve saturated their suits in dead possum stink and the smell is enough for the guard to let them through with just a cursory inspection. Inside the building, they ditch their hazmat suits and Eliza drops from an air duct. She’s disabled the alarms so they begin their search, leaving behind Wynonna’s necklace.

At the Homestead, Waverly lets Nicole know they’re not going Revenant hunting anymore, prompting Nicole to notice and ask about the creature under a tarp. Black eyes flashing, Waverly tells Nicole it’s for the greater good while swinging the ax in Nicole’s direction. Fear not! Waverly beheaded the creature and stuffed its head into a roller suitcase for Wynonna’s plan. Nicole respects the Earp sisters, but makes Waverly promise that she’s still her Waverly. She agrees…but starting after she goes undercover.

Wynonna and company find themselves at a door that Eliza’s badge won’t unlock. After a few attempts, the door at the top of the stairs slams shut, trapping them. Wynonna assumes Eliza set them up, but Eliza points out that she’s just as screwed as they revoked her security clearance.

Waverly saunters into the BB facility sporting a British accent and bag of creature head. She claims to be from Scotland Yard with a delivery. The guard is hesitant to let her in, but she uses her charm to convince him. Nicole can’t help but mock Waverly’s terrible British accent as Waverly heads to the lab.

At Dolls’ cell, Lucado shows him live footage of Eliza, Wynonna and Doc trapped. She brings up Dolls saving Eliza over her husband. Dolls explain her husband told him to save Eliza, which is news to Lucado; however, she’s spent too long hating him to stop now.

Waverly’s successfully made it to the lab…but failed to get the attention of the lab tech, Jeremy (Varun Saranga). She gets a call from Wynonna who tells her that her role as Plan B is over and she’s now Plan C.

In the stairwell Wynonna asks Eliza what Dolls is, but she doesn’t know. She and Dolls were trying to find out what BB turned them into. Eliza warns Wynonna that even if they do find Dolls, he’s been without his drug for so long that he might not be the Dolls they remember. Wynonna’s already had to kill one person she loved this week, so why not another?

In the lab, Waverly’s befriended Jeremy and is trying to figure out how to unlock all the doors. Eventually, her charm works and he tells her. So, she smacks him over the head, trying to knock him out. She failed. He freaks when he sees that he’s bleeding since blood sets off the Hala, Bulgarian Devourer of Souls (a/k/a Piranha Plant), which they have in the lab. The Hala breaks out and goes after them so they hide in a storage room. Waverly drops the act and explains exactly who she is and why she’s there. Jeremy assumes she’s nuts, but he agrees to help anyways.

The doors finally unlock as alarms sound all around the facility. Eliza knows it’s for something much worse than a stray Earp. Doc sneaks through the door and locks it to keep Wynonna from having to kill another person she loves. He’s going to find Dolls,= and Wynonna’s going to save her sister.

When Wynonna and Eliza reach the lab, they fight a group of agents outside. Inside, Waverly and Jeremy make a break for it. They exit the supply closet and are confronted by the Hala. Jeremy tries to sacrifice himself for Waverly, but she’s no damsel in distress. Waverly activates her black goo powers, scaring the Hala long enough to give Wynonna time to shoot it. They run to the elevator where Eliza’s waiting.

When Doc finds Dolls, Lucado pulls a gun on him and menaces him for coming there alone. Doc laughs it off because he’s got unstable dynamite on his person. Lucado doesn’t want to blow up so she backs away until she’s close enough to Dolls’ cage that he can render her unconsciousness. Doc frees him and they make their way out. In a storage room, they rest and Dolls isn’t sure he’ll be able to go on until Doc pulls out the almost-empty vial of his drug. He puts the last drop in like an eyedrop while Doc gets rid of his dynamite. Dolls whispers something in Doc’s ear to tell Wynonna before fleeing while Doc prepares for a fight.

Wynonna and crew get off the elevator only to be faced with Lucado and a bunch of agents who drop a beaten Doc at their feet. Lucado makes to shoot someone and Wynonna claims to have blackmailed everyone into helping her. Lucado’s boss, Moody (Kevin Hanchard), shows up and is displeased with how much Dolls and his friends got away with. Moody mocks Wynonna for bringing Peacemaker, but she didn’t bring it for practical reasons – she brought it to remind everyone who she is and what her mission is. Moody decides to let them go if they agree to work for BB and clear the Ghost River Triangle of all the supernatural nasties Willa let in, as well as the Revenants. Eliza warns them not to sign anything but ends up with a bullet in her head. Lucado pulls out an ancient-looking contract in an ancient language and they sign in blood since they have no choice. Moody asks if anyone else who knows about BB and they all lie to protect Nicole, but that’s not what Nicole wanted to hear so she drives off. On their walk out of the facility, Wynonna asks Doc if Dolls told him to tell her anything. Doc lies and says no.

On the Homestead, Wynonna thanks Doc for his help and invites him in for a shower. Doc declines and heads home. Out front, Nicole apologizes to Waverly for leaving. She’s not upset – she wanted Nicole to be safe. Nicole’s upset she was left out of the blood contract and Waverly’s confusion prompts Nicole to make up an excuse and head out. She just wants to be a part of the team.

Wynonna finally allows herself to break down. She weeps into a plush bunny until a few flashes of light hit her face. She heads outside to see what caused it and finds her necklace on a branch. She looks around and spots Dolls on top of a hill. They speak volumes to each in looks and tears, then part ways. Wynonna returns to find Waverly on the porch wondering what their next steps are. It’s simple – break the Earp curse.

In the BB facility, a jeweled hand reaches out of a crate and strikes Doc’s dynamite, blowing up the room.

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