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Yaya – America’s Next Top Model

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Yaya is the 13th Eliminated Contestant in the episode that aired Wednesday,
December 15, 2004

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, airs Wednesdays at 8 PM ET/PT on UPN



Q) Who is your favorite designer?


A) My favorite designer is Ja, who is not very well known. I like her because her clothes are really classy, but still casual enough to wear every day.


Q) Why did you decide to apply for the show?


A) I decided to apply for the show because I was just graduating from college and I wanted to delve into a completely different world right away.


Q) What your audition like for the show?


A) My initial tape was me in the hallway of my building. I started out in one end and my younger brother sat at the other with a camera. I did chaîné turns, which are really fast ballet turns down the end of the hall until I got to the camera. I introduced myself and I pasted in a couple segments of me and dance class and performance. I also put in where I was talking to my boyfriend and talking to my friends.


Q) What was it like meeting Tyra Banks?


A) It was great, in the beginning; at the first episode they showed a clip of me saying, “She looks like a hologram!” It was kind of unreal, but great! She was really nice.


Q) What did you learn most about modeling from being on the show?


A) I learned most about walking on the runway and how to walk to display the clothes and not so much yourself.


Q) Who is your favorite model and why?


A) My favorite model is Naomi because she is not only a great model, but she’s gorgeous. I’ve admired her for years and I look like her or she looks like me, sort of!


Q) What did you like most about living in the loft at the Waldorf Astoria?


A) I liked the way we walked through the lobby, coming in or going out, and seeing the different people that would hang out down there. Sometimes there were proms going on or sometimes there were business meetings or parties.


Q) What did you learn about doing interviews from the publicist?


A) I learned that it is really important to remember who is who in the business, in the industry and to remember names.


Q) Do people recognize you from the show?


A) Yes, all the time! I’m in New York al the time.


Q) What was the most important thing that you learned about the Japanese culture?


A) I learned that it is important to respect the really formal behaviors they have.


Q) What was your favorite part of life in Japan?


A) Living in the homestead and taking hot hot hot bathes in the Jacuzzi.


Q) What are you going to do now that you are no longer on the program?


A) I’m going to model, act and dance. I’m going to read lots of great books that I didn’t have time to read during the show.


Q) How did it feel being one of two African Americans in the finals?


A) I thought it was really cool that the two best models just happened to be African Americans, in the judge’s eyes.


Q) Did you go out with Eva to celebrate her win?


A) Oh yeah!


Q) What was your favorite competition to participate in?


A) My favorite was the tea ceremony.


Q) How did it make you feel winning so many of the competitions?


A) That was a lot of fun! It made me look forward to doing those kinds of things in the real modeling world because those are just some of the things that models really do.


Q) What did the show teach you about skin care?


A) We had to wear makeup a lot and I learned that it is best to wash it off immediately.


Q) Who do you plan on keeping in touch with from the show?


A) I am keeping in touch with Toccara, Amanda, Nicole, Magdalena and Eva. Those are the people I would principally keep in touch with, but I would love to touch base with everybody at some point.


Q) Do you have any advice for future contestants?


A) Just have fun!


Q) What would you like to say to your fans and the show’s supporters?


A) Thanks so much for your support! Trust that I will be modeling and using everything I learned on the show to try and be successful in the modeling world and in life. Thank you!


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