Younger – Get Real

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By: Taylor Gates


Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and Liza (Sutton Foster) get ready to leave the book fair. Kelsey doesn’t understand why Josh (Nico Tortorella) didn’t propose—he showed her the ring and everything. Liza lies and says he must have gotten cold feet. Liza admits she’s not even sure she’s ready to get married, having the epiphany that Josh must have seen her kissing Charles (Peter Hermann).


Liza tells Maggie (Debi Mazar) her dilemma. Maggie admits that she should have called to warn Liza—when she and Josh had coffee he talked about not wanting to lose her. Liza tells her the thing with Charles happened due to a mixture of sea air, alcohol and the song “Take My Breath Away.” Maggie understands; that song made her sleep with a pair of siblings during high school. Liza sends Josh yet another unanswered text.


Kelsey sees Lauren (Molly Bernard) standing next to a stack of boxes outside her house. Max (Ben Rappaport) is going to be moving in with them and Lauren asks Kelsey to make some space in the front closet for him.


Liza knocks on the door of Josh’s apartment, but he doesn’t answer. At work, Charles apologizes to Liza for getting in between her and Josh. He promises not to step in again, wishing her luck in her relationship. Liza gets an email from Diana that includes a video titled “Get Real.” It has an inspirational message: it’s only in life’s lowest moments when you really know what you want and who you are. Liza tears up and goes into Diana’s (Miriam Shor) office, thanking her for sending her the video. Diana says she simply sent it to her because Antonia Steward (Christina Kirk) is writing a book and it could be huge for the company. She orders Liza to pull herself together and prepare for the meeting.


Empirical’s team visits Antonia at a theater where she motivationally speaks. Antonia says all bidders for her book need to go to her seminar the next nigh, and she’s put aside two tickets for Empirical. It’s decided that Kelsey and Liza will be the ones to attend.


Kelsey goes into her bedroom to find Max and Lauren’s father lifting weights. Kelsey goes to talk to Lauren in the kitchen. She says she’s grateful Lauren’s parents are letting her stay in their house for free, but she’s upset Lauren didn’t even talk to her before moving Max in. She had no warning or chance to figure things out. Lauren is irritated Kelsey doesn’t seem happy for her. Kelsey goes to Colin’s (Jay Wilkison) house, preparing to crash there until she finds her own place.


Diana is trying to teach her parrot, Elphaba, how to talk. Richard (Mather Zickel) says the parrot needs to be around more people in order to learn to speak. Diana decides to take Elphaba to the office tomorrow and she and Richard go into the bedroom to have sex.


On the way to their seats for the seminar, Kelsey fills Liza in on her living situation. The house hunting is looking bleak as the best thing she can afford is a crappy basement studio. Liza says Maggie probably wouldn’t mind if Kelsey stayed with them for awhile, but Kelsey says something is going to have to come through.


Antonia invites a young woman, Kathy (Alex Bronkovic) onstage, asking what will make her happy. Kathy says she wants to lose weight and Antonia tells her to take off her Spanx and admit what will really satisfy her. She does and screams she wants a divorce.


Next, Liza’s ex-husband David (Paul Fitzgerald) gets up there saying he wants his ex-wife back. David tells the crowd he cheated on his wife and developed a gambling problem and Kelsey and the rest of the audience boos. David says he cleaned up his act and apologized for what he did, but his ex won’t listen. All she does is party with her young boy toy around Brooklyn. Antonia demands that he be a man and call her and Liza runs to the bathroom to answer her phone.


Charles tells Diana his daughter’s (Delphina Belle) class is at the office for a field trip. Perhaps being exposed to so many kids will help Elphaba learn how to speak. The cute meeting quickly turns awkward and inappropriate as the parrot begins making sex noises he learned from Diana and Richard.


David tells Liza it’s not too late to come back to him. Liza firmly says she’s moved on and found someone else she really loves. She admits to Antonia that they’re not currently in a relationship, as she couldn’t commit to him. He proposed, but she messed it all up because she’s self-destructive. She does; however, really love him. Antonia orders her to go win him back. Liza runs outside and texts Josh saying she really needs to see him. Josh gives her permission to swing by so they can talk.


Kelsey goes to her temporary home at Colin’s place. He tells her Netflix wants to fly him out and talk about developing his novel into a series. Colin tells her he doesn’t think it’s a good time for Kelsey to move in—the last girlfriend that brought a duffel bag to his place didn’t leave for two years. Colin doesn’t want to stop seeing Kelsey, but he can’t have any distractions.


Liza goes to Josh’s house, desperately saying she loves him and there is no excuse for what she did with Charles. She tells Josh he is everything to her and he has to forgive her. Josh says he didn’t care about her daughter, ex-husband or refusal to have a baby. He chose her regardless, but she cheated and her lies are hurting everyone around her. He tells her to stop trying to explain and just leave.


Maggie sees how devastated Liza is and gives her a hug. However, their moment is cut short as Kelsey is also there. She says she couldn’t stay at Colin’s for one more second. Liza leads Kelsey to the couch, showing her a picture of her daughter. She admits that she’s going to be 41 years old in a few weeks. Kelsey says she doesn’t understand and Liza starts to explain everything.

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