Colin Ford, Alexander Koch and Eddie Cahill

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Interview By: Lynsey Tamborello

Q) Angie’s murder has been a big part of season two. We have had multiple suspects and now it looks like your character, Sam, is going to be the culprit because he has got scratches on his shoulder. Are we supposed to start thinking he’s kind of the big bad guy this season?

Eddie: Yes, it’s safe to say you can start thinking he has “alternate ideas.”

Q) Well, is he in his right mind? Is he doing things for the greater good?

Eddie: I would say that he is motivated in his mind of an idea of the greater good.

Q) So, he’s going to take out his own nephew for the greater good?

Eddie: [shrugs and smiles] You said it.

Alexander: There is something in the Verdreaux family bloodline that’s just a little bit, uh…

Eddie: [laughs] Yeah, some call it “crazy.”

Q) Do you all go into the writers’ room and say, “Is my character actually losing their mind or what?!”

Eddie: Well, the writers’ room is up there in Los Angeles and we shoot in Wilmington, North Carolina. So, we talk to them when they come to set, but we don’t get a chance to go into the writers’ room with any regularity.

Q) So, do you get the scripts and say, “I did WHAT?!”

Alexander: Yeah, and then we make phone calls and go, “Excuse me?” [laughs]

Eddie: In fairness to them, before I began this season they had clued me into that part of him, in a sense.

Q) Then what has surprised you?

Colin: In season two, I’d have to say….Hmm. I’m trying to think the biggest surprise I can reveal.

Q) Well, did you know Angie was going to die?

Alexander: We kinda knew the first month.

Eddie: I can tell you there is a death coming up that surprised me. We can’t tell you more than that.

Q) Is Joe going to continue his quest to find out where the Dome came from?

Colin: I think so. I think he’s determined to. I think a lot of the second season is Joe undergoing a huge transition period from being a kid to making a transition to an adult. So, whether it is a relationship problem, a dome issue or a natural disaster I think that Joe is going to do whatever it takes to deal with it and move onto the next problem.

Alexander: That would be a fun show if Joe just gave up and said, “I don’t care anymore.”

Q) Alexander, speaking of transitions, what about your character? He’s gone through quite a number of transitions this year, from standing up to dad, to redemption and whatnot. What has been the most interesting aspect of portraying that?

Alexander: I think a lot of the family connects, the stuff with his mom, his uncle and his dad, he wants to grasp onto a good role model, a good parent and he’s just not having the best of luck with that. He has three people who each don’t do the right thing and are a little selfish. But, yeah, it’s interesting. He wants to right the wrongs that his family has done.

Q) Who are we supposed to be rooting for? It’s hard to tell who the hero is in each episode.

Eddie: I think that Barbie and Julia are a safe bet. They’re pretty level-headed, as Dome inhabitants go.

Q) Well, speaking of Barbie and Julia, what is keeping them apart?

Eddie: I’ll say that Sam takes a shine to Julia. We’ll see where that goes.

Q) Is that genuine or is it just to keep her off the scene?

Eddie: I choose to think it’s genuine. Sam’s ambitions tie very directly into the mythology of the Dome. As the story tracks forward, that particular journey tracks back. It will be interesting to see where that goes. 

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