MK Ultra – Generation Dead

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By: Arlene Allen



Q) You had issued a song prior to the release of “It’s Only Killing” and “Generation Dead.” I believe it was called “Burn It” and it was a great song! What happened to it?


A) That was Ground Zero and a straight artistic attack on our whole government in America. I am the Anti-American. I find our people in power are manipulating and there are people always pulling strings behind the curtain.


Q) One of the things I admire about you is your individuality and honesty. What else do you hope listeners take away from your music?


A) I’m a complete open book. No matter how controversial something is it’s how I feel. I don’t do things for shock effect. My energy is raw and not censored. If it pisses someone off they can turn me off pretty easily. Don’t listen to my music and have a nice fake day.


Q) Do you write, make music or create art on a daily basis? What is your schedule like?


A) I have a fire inside of me that needs to create art. I create music all day and art through my music videos. I look at every picture, tweet or post as an artistic expression. I don’t chill out. I’m at 110 miles an hour all day with an emotional roller coaster. If I don’t express it, I’m a mess.


Q) Who and what inspires you at the moment? What’s your playlist like right now?


A) There is not much new heavy rock music in there that I care about. I love Lana Del Rey, Eminem and The Weeknd. I feel like rock music is way too soft. Everyone is so PC it pisses me off. Our world is so screwed up so I wish people would say something in the rock world. It’s very mindless lyrics packaged for idiots. Where are the Sex Pistols when you need them?


Q) Describe your songwriting and recording process?


A) Songs come to me as a vision. I start writing lyrics first to the music in my head and then recreate it. My co-producer Monark is one of the few people that truly knows me so he lets me go as an artist. I can’t and will not be controlled by an awful company that just wants to make money off my smile. I actually hate smiling.

The music industry always tries to change me. No one tells me how to express my art. It’s all I got keeping me alive. The music industry can suck it.


Q) Tell us a little about your working relationship with JayyVon Monroe. “Another Lover” is one of my favorite songs on the album.


A) It’s one of my favorites too. JayyVon is one of the few artists that looks straight forward and doesn’t try to fit in. We hung out at Monark’s place. I picked up a guitar and the song was written in fifteen minutes tops. Then, JayyVon wrote his vocal part. Monark and I also produced his new self-titled EP out now. Check it!!


Q) I’ve read that you have touring plans for this year. Is this national or international. Where do you plan to start? (And please don’t forget Florida!!)


A) I get a lot of love from Florida. I mean, Manson is from there and I get a lot of comparisons that I don’t mind at all. I respect him a ton. Europe is where they accept my extreme art. America is so sick, but they would rather look the other way and sell bubble gum. I hope to tour America, but it’s like any other business – it’s all about supply and demand. If you want me to tour America please spread the MK Ultra art. I would love to piss the country off.


Q) You’ve been very frank about your battle with anorexia. When did that begin, and how are you handling this now?


A) I’m still struggling with it. I have to force eat. It started while I was on opiates to keep me comfortable after I got hit by that bus. I got too depressed to eat. I haven’t fully come around. I don’t feel uncomfortable eating in front of others unless I know them well.

My video for the song “Obsessive” shows my struggle. It’s not glamorous, it’s a sickness but I hope my struggle helps others.


Q) You recently tweeted (and I love this quote), “People take other people for granted. Eventually we will cause the apocalypse.” What do you think we need to start doing to prevent this situation? How can music help?


A) We are in an odd world and artists are dying. Just because you make music I don’t consider them an artist – many are products to manipulate. We live in a world where love is dying through technology. Tinder and all that is silly to me. I would rather walk up to someone, get rejected and move on. That being said, we live in a world of excess and people want more stuff. Stuff won’t help. It’s just stuff. People need to connect on a deep level and music should do the same.


Q) Where would you like to take your music going forward?


A) Life is a trip so my music goes where my life is. I don’t write fantasy. It’s always going to be real and people often can’t take real. I work out my problems through music and I hope it helps others.


Q) What message do you have for your fans and followers right now?


A) If it wasn’t for support from all my dear Evil Ones I would be dead. I’m not trying to be over dramatic – it’s where I’m at. They allow me to create. So, thank you for being part of my family.

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