Shadowhunters – Love Is A Devil

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By: Jessica Wolff


In an alleyway, vampires corner Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) and she tells them that she needs some vampire venom.  The leader, Eloise (Erica Deutschman), offers to bite her in exchange for a lot of blood.  Isabelle tries to fight them off, but they gang up on her.  At the last moment, Raphael Santiago (David Castro) swoops in, pushes Eloise away and orders the vampires to leave.  Isabelle goes through withdrawal and asks Raphael to bite her.  He refuses, but Isabelle begs and tells him that she’ll never ask again.  He agrees to bite her just this once.


Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) yells at Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) and Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) for not telling him about the soul-sword’s ability to kill downworlders.  Clary and Jace try to assure him that they didn’t want him to worry, but Luke says that he is definitely worried since Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang) has his sister.  Luke realizes that there is something else Clary and Jace aren’t telling him and Clary tells him about the vision the angel showed them.  Luke tells Jace to find the demon that can destroy the sword.


Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) and Isabelle talk about the alleged angel sighting at the institute.  Isabelle asks whether he took her advice and Isabelle figures that Alec had sex with Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.).  Max Lightwood (Jack Fulton) greets his siblings, but Alec and Isabelle are not as happy to see Maryse Lightwood (Nicola Correia-Damude).  Max tells them that he’s passed his final trial and will be getting his first rune. Maryse tells Alec that he is in charge of the celebratory party since his father won’t be there.  Alec and Isabelle are surprised that he’s not coming, but Maryse tells them that he is tied up with the Valentine task force in Idris.  As they walk, Max tells Alec that Maryse and their father have been fighting and that Maryse isn’t happy with Alec dating a warlock, but that he has no problems with it.


At Magnus’ loft, Alec tells him that Maryse is back in town and asks him to throw a party for Max at the loft in order to win her over.  He agrees to do it for him.  Valentine approaches Dr. Iris Rouse (Stephanie Belding) in a park as she watches Madzie (Ariana Williams) play and confronts her for making a deal with his daughter.  His men surround Madzie and Iris promises to do anything he asks to prevent them from harming her.  Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) talks to himself to boost his confidence as Clary approaches him.  He admits that he’s worried about ruining their friendship and Clary assumes that he’s worried about his new relationship with Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) ruining their friendship.  Simon confesses his love for Clary and she kisses him to both of their surprises.


Maryse is not happy that the party for Max is at Magnus’ loft, as it is tradition for the rune ceremony to be for shadowhunters only.  Alec confronts her ignorance and tells her that traditions change.  He tells her that party is for everyone who cares about Max and that includes Magnus.  She reiterates that it should be for family and Alec confronts her about trying to kill Jace.  She insists that she was following orders, but Alec sees through her.  She agrees to attend Magnus’ party, but when she thanks Alec for his work on it he tells her to thank Magnus.  At Magnus’ loft, Jace is not happy to be surrounded by cats as he tries to work.  Magnus notices a new cat and magically produces several bowls of milk for all of the cats.  Jace confronts Magnus about his “fling” with Alec and mentions that he knows that they’ve taken their relationship to the next level.  Magnus is surprised that Alec told him, but Jace tells him that he knows because he feels that Alec is happier through their parabatai bond.  Jace tells him not to hurt Alec.  Magnus assures him that he doesn’t intend to and that he’s serious about their relationship.


Clary and Simon arrive at the party together.  Simon asks if they think anyone will notice the change in their relationship and Clary says there’s only one way to find out.  They enter Magnus’ Spanish-themed party.  Jace is surprised to see Maia bartending at the party and neither is happy to see the other.  Maia admits that she’s glad that he didn’t kill Jace, as she now knows that he is innocent in Gretel’s murder.  She offers him some sangria and the two notice Clary and Simon enter the party hand in hand.  They are both surprised that they got together.  Jace goes over to them and Simon goes to get them drinks while Jace congratulates Clary on her new relationship.  As Maia serves him, Simon thanks her for encouraging him to tell Clary how he feels.  Clary watches them walk away together and follows them.


Magnus stresses about the party and Alec assures him that everything is fine.  Maryse and Max enter the party and Maryse offers Magnus a bottle of wine, telling him that she heard he likes to drink.  She comments on the Spanish theme and Magnus tells her that he chose it because Alec told him that she and her husband got engaged in Barcelona.  Maryse makes a comment about his and Alec’s different backgrounds and Magnus offers her a drink to defuse the tension.  Clary sees Maia kiss Simon and is upset about the turn of events.  Later, Simon finds Clary and she confronts him about the kiss.  He admits to kissing Maia and questions whether being with Clary is a mistake, as Maia understands being a downworlder better than her.  She walks away crying and runs into Magnus.  She tells him what happened and he tells her that it doesn’t sound like Simon.  He tells her to figure it out later as tonight is about Max.


Raphael finds Isabelle as she walks and she asks him to give her another bite.  She tells him that she doesn’t want her mom to see her going through withdrawal symptoms, but he refuses.  She is not confident of her ability to get through it, but Raphael assures her that she is one of the strongest shadowhunters he knows.  She cuts her arm and Raphael is unable to resist the open wound.  Magnus gives Max a presen, and he thanks him for it.  He asks about his warlock mark and Magnus shows him his cat eyes.  Max asks him how much of a demon he is and Jace comes over and tells him to stop.  However, Max tells Jace that he doesn’t have to listen to him as Maryse said that Jace wasn’t part of the family.  He walks away and Alec tells Maryse that she needs to make things right with Jace.


Maryse tries to talk to Jace, but she tells him that he is not part of the family and a demon.  She throws an axe at Jace and he knocks her out as she tries to attack him.  Raphael encourages Isabelle to get the venom out of her system as soon as possible.  He tells her that he couldn’t stop himself from drinking blood when he was first turned, but Magnus helped him deal with his new state.  He tells her to go be with her family and that she is lucky to have them.  Isabelle thanks him for everything and she invites him up, but he declines saying shadowhunter parties aren’t his thing.


As Isabelle arrives, Clary greets her and apologizes for keeping secrets from her.  She accepts her apology and Clary tries to talk to her about Simon.  Isabelle brushes her off telling her that she doesn’t have time to listen at the moment.  Clary sees Simon flirting with Maia and goes to confront them.  Magnus stops her, not wanting the party to turn into an episode of “The Real Housewives of Idris.”  She points out Simon flirting with Maia, but Magnus only sees Simon talking to Raj (Raymond Ablack).  Isabelle finds Jace and asks where Maryse is.  He tells her that Maryse attacked him and brings her to Maryse’s body.  Clary insists that she can’t stay and Magnus tells her that she can’t leave while she is hallucinating.  She doesn’t listen and runs into Alec as she leaves.  Alec sees Clary yell at him for murdering his mother.  Jace shows Isabelle the axe in the wall, but Isabelle and Magnus don’t see it.  Magnus revives Maryse and she tells Jace that she tried to apologize.  However, Jace hears her say that she should have killed him when she had the chance.


As Magnus figures out that someone is playing with their minds, they hear Clary call out to Alec.  Alec stands on the ledge and Clary pleads with him not to jump.  However, Alec hears Clary telling him to kill himself and that he is a murderer.  Spurred on by the hallucination, he jumps off the ledge.  Magnus runs out just in time and uses his magic to pull Alec back up.  Jace, Maryse and Isabelle check on him and Jace yells at Maryse.  Simon comes out and Clary yells at him.  Magnus gets his spell book as everyone starts fighting with each other.  Magnus reverses the effects of the spell and everyone returns to normal.  Everyone apologizes to each other and realizes that they’ve been hallucinating.  Magnus’ spell book disappears from his hands and he puts wards up around the building.


Magnus investigates the guests and has them all leave.  Magnus talks about the dangers of his spell book being missing and realizes that the spell was a French incantation.  He looks for the newest cat and finds her under his bed.  He reveals her as Dr. Rouse and she immobilizes everyone but Magnus, who stops the spell with his magic.  He throws her into a bookshelf and blocks her escape attempts.  They throw spells at each other and Magnus uses his magic to bind her in place.  She tells him that Valentine has his spell book and Madzie as well.  He asks her what Valentine wants with his spell book and she says that she doesn’t know.  She begs him to let her go as she was doing what she had to protect Madzie.  At Magnus’ request, she releases the others and they come running to the scene.  Dr. Rouse asks Clary to find Madzie before Magnus sends her to the clave.


Despite Jace’s reluctance, Clary tells the rest of the group about the angel’s vision.  Magnus asks how they saved the angel and Clary tells him that he sent her visions of new runes.  He figures out that Clary may have a blood connection to the angel and therefore has angel blood inside her.  Jace deduces that Clary can activate the soul-sword.  As they walk, Simon and Clary talk about the soul-sword.  Simon assures her that things will be all right and that he wants to be with her more than ever before they kiss again.  Max goes through his rune ceremony as his family watches.  A silent brother gives him his first rune and Jace tells Clary that he won’t let her out of his sight now that they know Valentine is coming for her.  Clary assures Alec that she doesn’t blame him for her mother’s death.  Jace tries to apologize to Maryse and she says he doesn’t have to and assures him that she doesn’t regret taking him in.  Maryse tells Alec and Jace that her husband has been cheating on her, and asks them not to tell Isabelle.  Alec offers that she and Max stay with them, but she tells them that she has to go back to Idris.  Valentine gives Madzie and ice cream cone and tells her that she will get along well with Clary.

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