Supergirl – Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1

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By: Paige Zinaman



Earth X, the place where the Nazis win and everyone who is part of the resistance fights for justice including Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) – who fights a man who is clearly part of the Nazi group and very good at shooting arrows. When the masked man gets the upper hand on Guardian, our hero vows to him that, “One day they will free this world.” As the masked man walks away to find what he was looking for, we see Guardian laying on the ground with an arrow to his chest.

In Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) is fighting the half human-half shark meta human when Iris (Candice Patton) informs him that they have a problem about their wedding. The caterer needs a final count and not everyone has RSVP’d, which causes Barry to pause a moment as he has the upper hand and asks who hasn’t RSVP’d. In Star City, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) tells Oliver (Stephen Amell) that they need to talk. Oliver; however, is in the middle of punching out ninjas when Felicity tells him he’s not fighting Damien Darhk and continues to tell him that they haven’t RSVP’d for Berry and Iris’ wedding. He tells her that of course they are going.

England 1183 AD, the Legends are in the middle of fighting knights. As the fighting is happening, Sara (Caity Lotz) asks Stein (Victor Garber) and Jacks (Franz Drameh) if they had RSVP’d for the wedding. Jacks tells her they didn’t so Stein informs them that it was a serious breach of courtesy. Rory (Dominic Purcell) tosses Sara a staff to knock a knight out as the Waverider hovers above them. Stein tells them they need to go and prepare for the wedding.

Back to present day National City, a man is walking to his car while having a very heated conversation on the phone. Suddenly Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) lands on top of his car fighting an alien. Alex (Chyler Leigh) tells J’onn (David Harewood) that she’s assembling a strike team to which he tells her there’s not enough time and that Supergirl is on her own. J’onn tells Supergirl to identify the threat so they can help her fight it when Winn (Jeremy Jordan) comes rushing over telling them it came from deep orbit and it is mad. Alex looks worried when she asks if it’s Czarnia as Winn says Hellgrammite. Kara punches the alien into the wall and tells them that it’s just a Dominator.  One final punch to the jaw causes the Dominator to fall to the ground as Kara walks over saying they are “so last year” and kicks it unconscious before taking off. Mon-El (Chris Wood) comes up to the command center saying he heard there was a fight asking if Kara is okay. Alex walks past him saying, “She’s fine, she’s Supergirl,” and leaves him looking after her.

At Kara’s apartment, the Danvers sisters are having a sister’s night when Alex tells her about Mon-El causing Kara to get upset. She tells Alex that nothing that he does is going to be normal now and apologizes to Alex saying she knows she’s still dealing with her feeling with Maggie. Alex tells her that at least they have each other and that misery loves company and leans over to hug Kara. She goes to refill her wine glass when she notices the invitation to Barry and Iris’ wedding asking when it is and asks Kara if she’s going. Alex tells Kara that it’s not a time for them to go out and have fun and that it’s time for wallowing and putting on break up weight. Kara says that they are not going to just sit there and wallow and that they are going to get their mojo back. She gets up and grabs something out a drawer, coming back to stand next to Alex. Alex asks what they are going to do when Kara informs her that they are going to that wedding and opens a breach with the device Cisco (Carlos Valdes) had given her.

Iris and the girls get a day of pampering by getting their nails done for the wedding. Felicity mentions that Iris is glowing, which Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) says she is blushing because it’s “Blushing Bride” and glowing is when you’re expecting a baby. Iris says she can do the blushing bride, but not the other right away. Kara tells everyone that it feels so good to just be away from it all. Kara thanks Iris for letting her bring Alex, to which Iris says she’s really excited to meet her with Felicity seconding what Iris says. As they are talking, the lady working on Kara’s hands stops when her machine breaks. Kara tells her that she takes a lot of Charitan as Felicity pipes up “Suuuper strong nails.” Iris directs her next question to Felicity when she asks if she and Oliver will be next to get engaged. Felicity says maybe when the city is no longer getting attacked and Oliver is no longer under indictment as he’s still spending time with his son who is still mourning the loss of his mother. Caitlin jokes that it’s any day now to which Felicity’s tone changes and echoes what Caitlin says as they all toast to Barry and Iris.

Meanwhile, Barry and Oliver are getting their last fitting for their tuxes as Barry tells Oliver he has loved Iris since the third grade so he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to write a condensed version for his vows. Oliver suggests that Barry speed read it, which Barry shoots down because no one would understand him. Oliver comes from the dressing room and tells Barry that when he’s looking into Iris’ eyes the words will come and if they don’t the look on his face will tell him enough. He continues on telling Barry he cleans up nice. Barry tells him that he got the girl then points out that Oliver did too. Barry asks if he’s ever thought about making it official. which Oliver says yes and that he thinks with everything going on right now it’s not really an appropriate time. Barry asks if he loves Felicity to which Oliver says he loves her so much. Barry tells him to put a ring on it because people like them are always going to be getting into trouble and having someone they love by their side makes getting out of that trouble easier because then they have someone to fight for. He shares with Oliver that if he can have his happy ending so can he. Oliver looks at Barry before telling him he’s supposed to be the all-knowing mentor.

At Star Labs, Cisco pulls out a serum that he and Harry (Tom Cavanagh) worked on that would cure and separate Firestorm much to the delight of Stein who informs both Cisco and Harry that he and Jacks spent months trying to perfect the perfect solution. Harry says they know because they read their notes. Cisco tells them that he and Harry took the data they got from Newton and everyone else and ran it through a synthesizer which he built himself, but receives no response from Jacks and Stein except for blank stares. When Harry starts making cracks at Cisco the two start to bicker as Stein stops them asking how they stop the Firestorm matrix. They both say they trick it. Stein explains it to Jacks who asks if they are sure it will work, which Cisco assures them that if one of them takes it they are back to their old selves. Stein tells the group that to be safe he would like to take it go Gideon to run some tests and get the right dosage. He then turns to Jacks to tell him that they can take it directly after the wedding, which leaves Jacks looking saddened. On Earth X, the masked archer met with Greggor (Mackenzie Gray) who tells him that the rebels’ technology was good and it was a good, thing he stopped them when he did. The masked man asks if Greggor can make it work which he says he can, but he needs time to make sure they didn’t set a trap. A woman who has powers similar to Supergirl hovers over them telling Greggor he has one day before she and the archer take off.

Caitlin finds Stein in the med bay and the two talk about that the last wedding they attended together was her wedding. He tells Caitlin that Ronnie was a good man and that he should know because he may have spent more time with Ronnie than Caitlin did. Caitlin tells Stein that Ronnie was the best and she thinks he would be so happy for him. She asks him if he knew Cisco and Wells needed her help to come up with the cure they gave him, which he says he knew because he saw her brilliance written all over it. Caitlin asks him what he plans to do when he’s no longer Firestorm. He says he plans to be a better husband and father and spend time with his grandson and regale him with bedtime stories from all his adventures and teach him how to play chess. She tells him they better go because Joe (Jesse L. Martin) threatened to lock up anyone who missed his speech at the rehearsal dinner.

At CC Jitters, the party is in full swing. Family and friends from all sides are meeting each other and catching up with others they haven’t seen in a while. Rory is shoving his face full of food when Cisco walks over telling him that he never figured him as a wedding guy. Rory tells him he never passes up on a free buffet or open bar and takes the beer from Cisco’s hands before walking away. As he passes by Caitlin he asks her if he tried to kidnap her once. She says yeah, but warns him not try it again. Alex is at the bar downing another drink when Sara walks over and starts talking to her.

Sara tells Alex that somebody that drinks like that is looking to make something go away before downing a glass. Alex redirects the question to her and Sara tells her nothing and she likes the taste of scotch. Alex tells her that she just called off her engagement and that being here brings up a lot. Sara asks her if she caught the guy cheating when Alex corrects her saying, “Her. It was nothing like that, we just wanted different things.” Sara fills their glasses again and takes a guess that being at the rehearsal dinner for the “World’s Most Perfect Couple” is the last place she wants to be to which Alex agrees saying it stings a little. Barry walks by Joe and watches Alex and Sara. He then points up where Kara is and where he’ll be. Kara tells him that the dinner is really nice and thanks him for having them. Barry tells her he wanted to ask her a favor and then points out that Alex seems to be tipping the elbow pretty heavy. Kara tells Barry that it’s fine and that nobody can drink Alex under a table. She’s just had a rough go lately. Barry tells her that Alex isn’t the only one and that he noticed Mon-El isn’t with her. Kara tells him she is plus zero nowadays and when asked what happened with Mon-El she says, “What didn’t happen? The end of the world, time travel, he’s married to someone else.” Barry, who was checking off the list, is stunned when she says the last one and has no response. Kara tells him it’s her fault because she knows her life is supposed to be Supergirl only, but life has a funny way of reminding her. Barry tells her that he finally got Oliver to accept it’s okay to have love in his life and now he has to convince her, too. Kara explains it’s different for he and Oliver because they are human. She changes the subject back to the favor he wanted to ask when he tells her that during their last adventure they had together he found out about a very cool non-super power she has and asks her if she’ll break it out. Stein shows up and Clarissa (Isabella Hofmann) points out he’s late as usual when Lily (Christina Brucato) bluntly asks, “Don’t you have a time machine?” Stein tells her yes and that it’s very droll and asks to talk to Jacks and excuses themselves. Jacks asks where he’s been when Stein tells him cooking and pulls out another vile and explains that it’s a virus that will rewrite his genetic make-up from a spider.

Joe starts his speech by asking what he could say about Barry and Iris that nobody in the room would know and tells them a story. He tells them that when he watches two people love so much that you begin to want it too and pulls Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) to him and thanks Barry and Iris for showing him that love is the most important thing we have. Meanwhile out side Jitters, Alex and Sara are getting to know each other pretty well as they makeout against the wall. But inside Oliver and Felicity talk about how Joe’s speech was good and that it was straight from the heart. Oliver tells her they should consider doing something along this when Felicity asks if he’s asking her to marry him. He says he is. Felicity smiles at him before saying, “No, yes. No. No, yes as in she meant yes, no,” confusing Oliver as she talks. She tells him that she loves their life and she loves William, but they should talk about this some other time. Oliver tells her that he is physically unable to talk about anything other than this, which causes Felicity to raise her voice and tell Oliver she doesn’t want to marry him causing the group to turn and look at them.

The next morning it’s Iris and Barry’s wedding and everyone is waking up with mixed feelings about the night before. Barry watches Iris sleep and then leaves. Oliver is wide awake on the couch. Felicity is awake on another couch watching Kara sleeping while hovering making her whisper, “I wish I could sleep fly.” Alex is waking up with a massive hangover in bed with Sara. When she tries to leave the bed without waking her up she gets tangled in the sheets and ends up on the floor. Stein looks over Jacks as he sleeps when Rory calls for him telling him Lily insisted he not walk around naked. So, he found one of his “dresses.” Iris wakes up to a note from Barry and a little breakfast he prepared for her before he left.

Guests are heading into the church as Kara waits and looks around for Alex who stumbles up to her sister still feeling the effects of the night before. Alex gets up to Kara and asks why it’s so bright there. Kara, who was clearly worried, asks Alex where she’s been and why she didn’t come back to Joe’s house. Alex explains she was out, which Kara asks her what she was out doing. Alex tells her she was jogging fully clothed and asks why. Kara tells her that she had her so worried and that she can’t just disappear on another Earth. Alex tells Kara that she didn’t do anything she wouldn’t have done on their Earth. When Kara notices Sara behind Alex she waves and says hello. Sara stops and says hi to Kara before turning her attention to Alex while clearly trying to remember each other’s names. Sara asks how her butt is after she fell out of bed this morning. Kara is clearly amused and confused as Alex stumbles to get words out to Sara and fails. Sara tells them that she will see them inside leaving the sisters alone. Alex tells Kara that wasn’t what it sounded like, which causes Kara to bust out laughing. Alex freaks out because she had a one night stand telling Kara it’s horrible. Kara laughs again as Alex keeps explaining that it was such a guy thing to do and that she is a horrible, terrible person which Kara denies as she continues to laugh. She tells Alex she did nothing wrong and that she had fun at a wedding and Sara is awesome except for her being an assassin. “A sassy assassin,” Alex responds. Kara pushes Alex towards the church steps telling her to get in the church, but is clearly amused at the situation still.

Inside guests are being seated. The wedding planner asks Rory if he is there for the bride or groom to which he says since he’s tried to kill the groom twice so it would probably be best if he sat on the bride’s side. He sits by Captain David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) who asks if he knows him. Rory shakes his hand and says he hates cops. A caterer (Jessica Parker Kennedy) walks up to Barry and asks if he wants water. As she rambles on about him getting married he says he’s good. She tells him she’s excited to be there…at the wedding and tells him she feels like this one will be one for the ages, confusing Barry. He asks if they’ve met she hurriedly says no – she is a complete and total stranger. She ells him good luck and reminds him to say “I Do” and walks off. Kara leads Alex to the front pew and as the music starts she hands off her bag to Alex telling her that’s her cue. She goes to the microphone and starts to sing “Running Home to You,” the song that Barry sang to Iris when he proposed. As she sings, Joe leads Iris down the aisle to Barry.

The Minister (William Katt) starts the service. He asks if anyone has cause for the two to not be married when a blast takes him out and the church is faced with Nazis. Kara, Oliver and Barry stand ready when they all three state, “I hate Nazis.” A fight breaks out and the superheroes reveal themselves. Kara yells to clear the church as Alex and Sara rip their dresses to fight and Caitlin unleashes Killer Frost. Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) saves a guest as Kara faces off against the woman who has powers just like hers. They go spiraling through the roof of the church fighting as Oliver grabs a bow and starts shooting arrows. Sara and Alex fight as Cisco vibes them away. Kara and Overgirl take their fight to the sky as Joe watches from below. Oliver yells to Cisco he needs a breach where the archer is shooting from. Overgirl and Kara come barreling back into the church knocking Cisco out. Kara stands up angry and does a sonic clap hurting everyone’s ears and getting the upper hand on Overgirl. The archer yells for everyone to fall back and grabs Overgirl over his shoulder and carries her out.

Barry meets Iris back at Star Labs and apologizes. Barry promises to marry her as they kiss. They bring Cisco back to the lab with a concussion where Stein asks Caitlin why she’s dressed like that. She explains she becomes Killer Frost when she’s angry or scared, which she feels she will be. Sara and the gang bring a Nazi prisoner back to hold. When they meet back up in the command center they ask what the plan is. Barry tells Wally to get Joe and Cecile far away. Rory comes in with Kara who flew over the city and found no trace of them anywhere. Rory tells them the minds of the guests are wiped. Everyone puts together how the archer matches Oliver shot for shot and Overgirl didn’t seem surprised to see Kara and matched her strength. The archer and Overgirl are met with a Speedster revealed to be Thawne, where the archer takes his mask off to reveal another world Oliver and an another world Kara is revealed to be Overgirl.

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