Supernatural – War of the Worlds

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By: Stacy Miller



In the Alternate Earth, Michael (Christian Keyes) has been able to get inside captive Lucifer’s (Mark Pellegrino) head and sees the Devil’s world, a paradise which Michael decides he wants to take residence in.  Michael tells Lucifer that he has also seen what Lucifer is afraid of and that is being locked.  “So after I’m done, you’ll be left here alone in agony,” Michael taunts.

In the Men of Letters bunker, Dean (Jensen Ackles) asks Sam (Jared Padalecki) whether he’s gotten anything on Jack (Alexander Calvert). “I’ve put out an APB to every single hunter that we know, but Jack’s off the grid,” Sam tells his brother. Dean is certain that they will find Jack, who can cause a tsunami with a hiccup. But Castiel (Misha Collins) believes that no clue on Jack could be the clue.  Perhaps the Nephilim has been dragged down to Hell by Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Parise). So, Castiel has decided to ask his angel contacts to see whether they know anything about Jack.

Meanwhile in Hell, Asmodeus is focusing to see whether he can sense Jack when he is interrupted by a minion. The demon tells Asmodeus that the only news they have on Jack is that the Winchesters no longer seem to have him. This is good news for Asmodeus, who is determined to find Jack before Sam and Dean.

In the Alternate World, Lucifer tells Michael that he (Lucifer) never claimed to be God because in the world that Lucifer comes from, God is a paradox who is everywhere. And with that pesky rift, there’s no way Michael is getting out of this world. As Michael is a man with a plan and has explored the elements of alternate worlds, he has the greatest mind on this world working for him…his very own Prophet of the Lord. Enter Alternate Earth Kevin Tran (Osric Chau). Lucifer tells Alternate Earth Kevin Tran that he (Lucifer) has a Kevin Tran.  Or rather had; that Kevin Tran is now dead. This news momentarily distracts Alternate Earth Kevin Tran until Michael reminds him what he’s there for. Alternate Earth Kevin Tran tells Michael that he’s calculated that the key ingredient needed to open the rift is angel grace. Good thing Michael has Lucifer or else he (Michael) would had to use his own grace.  He slits Lucifer’s throat and takes some of the Devil’s grace. But promises that he left enough for a rainy day.

Sam and Dean are on a case where witches are being attacked. They are shocked when an image appears on the tablet. “Is that Ketch?” Sam asks shocked. They can’t believe it is Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) as Mary (Samantha Smith) shot him. But Dean could never forget the face of the man who tried to kill them.  A woman named Daniela (Farrah Aviva), who identifies herself as a witch approaches Sam and Dean. “I know that you don’t like witches but I also know that you help people that are in trouble,” Daniela says.

Back in the Alternate World, Lucifer can’t believe that Kevin has gotten involved with Michael who is pure evil. But as he is Satan, Kevin thinks that Lucifer is pure evil.  As a Prophet, he serves God and since God isn’t around, he has to serve Michael. “Plus Michael is taking me to Paradise World where I get to meet hot women,” Kevin tells Lucifer. Kevin then tells Michael that he’s made a spell that can open the rift. After Kevin finishes chanting, the rift is opened.  But Lucifer is able to break away from his captors and jump through. “What just happened?” Michael angrily asks.  Kevin tells him that the spell was designed to let one person through the rift. “Fix this,” Michael demands grabbing Kevin by the collar.

Lucifer finds himself in a place he at first thinks is Cincinnati. He immediately starts asking the people on the street where he is. “When are they ever going to get those people off the streets?” a snooty woman says annoyed. “Those people?  You have no idea who you’re talking to,” Lucifer says angrily as the woman gives him money but tells him not to spend it on drugs.  Lucifer tries to zap her, but his powers aren’t working. “I’m Lucifer,” he says. “Honey, you’re not Lucifer. My ex-husband is Lucifer,” the woman says as she walks away.

In Hell, Asmodeus is torturing the clerk from the motel Sam and Dean stayed at with Jack. The poor guy can’t tell him anything as he believed the men to be FBI Agents and doesn’t know what Asmodeus is talking about.  Since the clerk is of no use, Asmodeus kills him.

Daniela brings Sam and Dean to a safe house she uses to hide from hunters.  She tells them that the serial killer they are looking for was torturing her with a red hot knife.  But she managed to get free and disable him with a spell. And he kept asking the same thing. “Where is Rowena MacCleod?”  Sam and Dean show her a picture of Ketch. She begs that they hide her as this man will surely be looking for her.  But Dean intends for Ketch to find Daniela. Because the Winchesters aren’t above using people as bait to catch the fish (or sociopaths Brits) they’re after. Later while Daniela is turning her tarot cards, someone throws a gas grenade into the hideout. She falls to the floor. A man wearing a gas mask enters and begins shooting. Suddenly, he’s hit by a dart and falls to the floor. When Dean removes the mask, he sees that it is in fact Ketch.

Sam and Dean take Ketch back to the bunker where Dean tries to beat the truth out of him. They want to know why he isn’t dead. Dean also notices that Ketch’s tattoo is gone. “Was that a stick-on?” Dean asks sarcastically.  Ketch says he realizes what’s going on here.  “You have me confused with my twin brother Arthur. I’m Alexander.” But Dean’s not buying it. “Do I look stupid to you?” Dean asks. “Is that a trick question?” is Ketch’s response, which earns him another punch in the face by Dean. Sam can’t believe that Ketch is expecting them to believe the evil twin story.  “Arthur was the success story of the family, the headliner or our Donny Osmond.” “Alright Marie, what’s your story?” Dean asks sarcastically. Alexander or whoever he is explains that both he and Arthur attended Kendricks Academy but when it was time to be initiated into the British Men of Letters, Alexander decided that it wasn’t for him so he fled. Now, Alexander hunts and kills monsters for a fee. Dean calls him a mercenary. Sam asks Alexander why he keeps asking for Rowena. Alexander says it’s because Rowena is a witch. “And that’s what we do kill the bad thing,” says Alexander.

Sam and Dean leave Ketch in their dungeon.  Sam tells Dean that he was able to find a paper trials for both Ketches, including a birth certificate.  But Dean still isn’t buying it “There’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not dead and then there’s weird with straight up bull.  I’m thinking that Ketch weird is door number two,” Dean says.  Sam returns to Ketch with more questions. Ketch explains that Arthur was not amoral but a loyal company man. But he believes that if Arthur was there, he’d admit regret. Sam realizes that Alexander admired Arthur and wanted to be like him.

Meanwhile, Castiel asks angel Duma (Erica Cerra) whether the angels have imprisoned Jack in Heaven. Duma says that if the angels did have Jack, the Nephilim wouldn’t be imprisoned but put to work. She explains that after the fall, the angels’ numbers were depleted and new angel need to be made. Soon, Castiel is engaging in a fight with Duma.  Lucifer appears.  He orders to stop then appears to get his “archangel juice” up in an attempt to destroy her.  Duma takes off.  “What are you doing back in this world?” Castiel demands.  Lucifer tells him that it’s complicated.  It’s obvious that threatening to destroy Duma took a lot out of Lucifer.  He tells Castiel that they all are going to die.

Castiel and Lucifer go to a bar where Lucifer tells him that Michael was responsible for all the destruction on the Alternate Earth and will do the same on their Earth if they don’t stop him. Lucifer says that Michael is more powerful than he’s ever been and will soon arrive “With that Meth Head Kevin Tran.”  Castiel hasn’t forgotten that Lucifer killed him.  He (Castiel) wants to call Sam and Dean. Lucifer feels that is a waste of time. “With all their whining all they’ll want to do is put me back in the cage,” Lucifer reminds Castiel. “That’s all I want,” Castiel says.  Then, Lucifer asks about his son and learns that Castiel has no idea where Jack is.

Dean gets a call from the motel in Dodge City and learns that the front desk clerk has gone missing and from the description, it sounds like “Evil Colonel Sanders (Asmodeus).”  Ketch appears eating a sandwich.  Sam explains that there was no bathroom in the armory.  Ketch asks Dean about his mother (Mary) and whether she’ll well.  Sam and Dean go off to find Jack and leave Ketch in the bunker.

At the bar, Lucifer asks Castiel more questions about Jack: Is he anything like his dad?  Castiel says that thankful, Jack is all his mom. Castiel calls Dean but doesn’t reveal about Lucifer. Suddenly, Asmodeus and his goons arrive. Asmodeus tells Lucifer that he’s enjoying being in charge and intends to remain in the position.  Lucifer tries to pretend like he still has his powers, but Asmodeus calls his bluff.

Sam and Dean arrive at a location full of demons and are soon exchanged in a fight. But Alexander arrives in the nick of time and saves them.  Sam asks Alexander how he got out of the armory. Alexander was able to use a spell to secure his release. Dean is more certain than ever that Alexander is really Arthur as he (Dean) could never forget Arthur’s fighting style.  Plus, Dean saw how he (Alexander) reacted when he (Dean) mentioned Mary. Alexander admits that he is Arthur and he is on the run from the British Men of Letters. He explains that they captured Rowena several years back and discovered that she had sewed a powerful charm into her body that could bring her back if she were dying. Ketch made a deal with Rowena to get a similar device.  But once the device has been used, it needs to be recharged, that’s why he is looking for Rowena. Ketch is able to distract Sam and Dean then flees on his motorcycle.

Asmodeus disguises his voice as Castiel and calls Dean in order to lure Sam and Dean to him. He has captured Castiel and Lucifer. When he hangs up the phone, Asmodeus says to someone “I definitely need that Nephilim.”  “You really need to worry,” Ketch assures.

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