Tamara Duarte & Tim Rozon – Wynonna Earp – Comic Con 2017

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By: Brittany Dailey



Q) You have had quite the emotional arc this season. What has that been like for you to play?

Tim: I love that stuff, but I mean this in the best way possible – it was really easy to be dramatic and effective this year because of Mel since she was pregnant. She was eight and nine months pregnant filming these scenes where I might be the father. So, you erase everything for acting and you are just working with a human being. I literally was inspired and in awe of her daily. Then, to play scenes where you might or might not be the father and she is pregnant – it was just so easy to be effective. Selfishly, this was the best experience I have had in my life. I know it was hard on Mel, but she brought so much. It was such a gift to be a part of that. It’s very rare to be really inspired by another actor’s performance, especially when you’re in the performance. I’m SO Team Melanie Scrofano. What she did was inspiring so doing those scenes were easy since I was so effected all the time. I was inspired by what she was doing.

Q) We’ve gotten to see you expand outside of a more serious Doc this season.

Tim: It’s funny because we were kind of talking about this yesterday. Jeremy (Varun Saranga) is always going to get the laugh. He’s just doing funny stuff and I’m always so serious. But then it’s good when you have the serious people have the lighter moments because now you want to see the Jeremy moment where he has his stronger moment and he is angry or dramatic. That’s a big part of this show – Emily [Andras] gives us such arcs that we get to play all the different sides. I wanted my hat back. So, I was really excited when I got my hat back. It was really fun to play though. I’m lucky to get to play all different feelings and emotions

Q) Doc’s relationship is kind of romantic and kind of contentious with Wynonna. How is Rosita going to effect that relationship?

Tamara: That’s a good question. It’s going to all unfold in the next episodes. We haven’t gotten into it. We’ll see!

Q) Are we going to learn where Rosita learned her bartender skills?

Tamara: Not where she learned them. But you’ll find out who she is and what she is. All of that is going to come out in the next couple episodes.

Q) Will we get to see you work with the rest of the cast?

Tamara: I do get to work with others. I think that’s what is great about Emily. There is so much of the storylines that come together and then break apart and then come together again. Everyone gets an arc. Everyone gets to shine and that’s her thing. Everyone gets to do their thing.

Tim: The best part is that all the questions you have, you know it’s Emily Andras over there so you know they’ll all be answered. So, the questions you have you’ll of course we’ll find out because it’s all coming. That’s what I love – every question gets answered. Every character arc gets answered. We all get our chance to shine. It’s incredible to be a part of and all questions get answered. I don’t know if you’ll like those answers! [laughs]

Q) Tamara, what was it like for you to join the cast?

Tamara: It’s funny because I have this thing I say going into Season Two, Three or Four of someone else’s show is like going to someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner. You are like, “They’re a family. They have their ups and downs.” You walk in though and you’re the newbie. You see everything. What’s great about “Wynonna Earp” is the cast is like “Welcome!” And the fans are like “Welcome!” So, no one is throwing food at me, which is good. I’m really happy about that. It’s been an incredible experience. Working with everyone, they all give so much. Mel gives so much. She’s like six months pregnant kicking down doors and KILLING IT! It’s insane! As a woman, it’s like, “Oh, I’m a woman and an actor and I can do that. I don’t have to wait to have a baby. I don’t’ have to think about thinks that are minute.” And working with this guy [Tim] is the best! The best!

Tim: I was super happy because I love “Longmire.” I hadn’t watched it in a minute. We’re working together and then I forgot she was on “Longmire.” It reminded me, “I love you on ‘Longmire!’” Had I known before, I would had been even more nervous. We’re super lucky too. Our new cast is Tamara and Varun and they are great. They are great on and off. It’s so great that we get a group of people who are easy to work with and everyone wants to do good work and be inspired. We’re super lucky. We won some sort of cosmic lottery for this show. It’s crazy!

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