The Brave – Desperate Measures

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By: Danielle de la Torre



The episode picks back up immediately where we left off with Preach (Demetrius Grosse) pulls Dalton (Mike Vogel) out of a shock-induced trance. Dalton scrambles his team together to try and save Jaz (Natacha Karam) before she can leave the hotel with her captors. Dalton rushes to get a car as he attempts to get it to work it fails and Jaz is taken.


Later, Jaz relays her directions to the team by speaking aloud the movements of the car from her bug that is still planted on her. The team tracks her until her captor hits her and renders her bug useless.


Director Campbell (Anne Heche) meets with a French ambassador in her office who tells her that Jaz is claiming to be a French citizen.  The French ambassador asks Director Campbell what is going on. She offers that after Dalton and his team helped them she is willing to help her. Director Capmbell plays dumb. She tells Noah (Tate Ellington) and Hannah (Sofia Pernas) she denied the French’s help due to it giving away Jaz’s true identity as an American spy. Noah investigates Jaz’s bug and locates a vicinity of where she may be located.


At a prison camp, Jaz is placed in an all white room. A man enters dressed in matching white and questions her in English. Jaz plays dumb and responds in French asking why they took her and to let her go. The man is still not convinced that she is French so he tells her that he is going to treat her like a Spy and she is beaten.


Director Campbell tells Dalton that he and his team are exposed. She tells him that the right thing to do would be to grab the rest of the team and escape while they can. Dalton and Director Campbell both know in their hearts that they have to save Jaz. It’s just what they do. They both agree that they will not be playing by the rules on this one. It’s Jaz. They are going to continue the mission and save Jaz.


Hossein (John Farmanesh-Boca) enters their safe house and gives Dalton the news that he has heard nothing on the airwaves about Jaz. A frustrated Dalton barks orders he’s already given to his team. Defeated, he goes back over Jaz’s recording.


At the prisoner camp, the man in white is there when Jaz wakes up from her beaten induced nap. He tells her that he examined her body and tells her about the scars she has on her knee. Jaz continues to speak French telling the man she has no idea what he is talking about. The man pulls a scare tactic on her covering her head in a hood and shooting a gun close to her head. JAz still holds strong.


Back at the safe house there is a break in the case when Dalton picks up on a sound that the inteligience team has classified as a bird. He tells the team to go back over the sound because he believes that is something else. The sound turns out to be a sheep on her recording. The team does some research and discover that sheep wpuld only be a slaughterhouse if it was in the city. Dalton and his team set a new plan in motion.


Hossein, Dalton and McG (Noah Mills) visit a friend of Hossien’s and questions him where a slaughter house in the city would be. The guy doesn’t give Dalton what he wants so Dalton shoots him in the leg. He tells the man McG will patch him up if he gives up the location of the slaughterhouse. He gives it up almost immediately and the team now has a location for Jaz.


Back at the intelligence building Director Campbell gets a phone call from the French Ambassador. She tells Noah and Hannah she knows about Dalton’s team and has no idea how she discovered them.


In the prison camp, the man in white shows Jaz photos of her team when they entered the airport and shows her a fake picture of a dead Dalton. Jaz doesn’t fall for it and tells the man that he is lying in English. Another torturer enters the room with new torture equipment.


Amir (Hadi Tabbal) poses as an inspector and surveys the slaughterhouse. As he inspects around the slaughterhouse he comes to a closed door. He asks the man what is behind it. The man tells him that it is off limits. The intelligence team and Amir find out that the prison must be behind that door.  They now know that there is no way in or out and it would be nearly impossible to rescue Jaz if they break in.


The French ambassador presses Director Campbell for an answer as she shows her the same photos the man has showed Jaz. Director Campbell denies knowing any of them. Later director Campbell tells Dalton that no one else can die and he must leave. In their conversation Dalton gets another idea. He tells his team that if Director Campbell outs Jaz as a Spy they will move her for publication execution. During this the team will attempt to rescue her. Amir tells Dalton that Director Campbell outing Jaz is illegal and Director Campbell can go to prison. Director Campbell’s tells Noah and Hannah to take the rest of the day off and not hold themselves accountable for her illegal actions. They refuse to leave. Director Campbell moves forward and tells the French Ambassador the truth and outs Jaz as an American spy.


Jaz is moved in and the team follows her. The suited man toys with JAz and tells her that he is going to torture more information out of her. She tells him she will give him nothing.


Meanwhile, an agent approaches Director Campbell and tells her that his boss would like to have a word with her over her outing of Jaz. She tells him that she is in the middle of a life or death situation and if they want her to either wait or call security to drag her out.


The team makes contact with Jaz’s convoy by blowing up the leading SUV. This causes the man in the van with Jaz to fall. She ends up strangles the man with her shackles. The team takes out the rest of the convoy and rescues Jaz.

Hossien and the team rally to a point where Hossien has prepped a get away vehicle for them. They drive into the night where Amir and Hossien talk. Hossien tells Amir Iran is over for him and he will be coming with the team. Inside the cabin of the truck Dalton and Jaz have a heart to heart. They reach a stop that is heavily armed and search the truck.


Amir gets nervous as they search the truck and Hossien tells him to stay sharp as he pulls a gun out.  Every minute is painstaking as the guards search the entire truck. Hossien puts his finger on the trigger ready to strike if they are made. When they think they are in the clear the guards find the hatch that the rest of the team is hiding in. As they attempt to pry it open. A guard runs over to the driver’s side of the truck and yells at Hossien to get out of the truck. Hossien tells him to take it easy. He then shoots the guard and gets out of the truck. Amir jumps over to the driver’s side as Hossien starts shooting guards. While he is trying to kill guards at the gate they out number him and shoot him. His last word is telling Amir to go. He dies as the team drives over the border into Turkey.  Director Campbell tells Noah and Hannah to alert the Turkish government of the team arriving. She continues to tell them to make sure that there is a medical team on hand to take care of Jaz as soon they arrive.


As the sun rises the team feels the loss of Hossien and reflect silently on what they have gone through the past days. The episode closes as somberly as it started with an acoustic rendition of “ooh child: that plays in the background.


NEXT EPISODE: Hannah joins Dalton and the team as they attempt to save passengers of a plane that is taken hostage by a woman and her gang with a potential bomb on board.

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