The Originals – Queen Death

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By: Stacy Miller

The episode opens with Elijah (Daniel Gillies) with the blade Sofya (Taylor Cole) stabbed him with in his back.  He’s in a bad way. Sofya urges him not to fight it. And when he dies, he’ll have the company of his entire sire line that will be joining him. She tells him she will get all of the bones from his family and take great pleasure in them seeing him die. Elijah screams in pain. She can’t wait to be reborn anew and more powerful than ever.

Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) wakes up in bed alone and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is unaware of the danger his brother is in. He is spending daddy time with daughter Hope (Summer Fontana) teaching her the fine art of pastries.  He tells Hope that he was King of New Orleans so that makes her a princess.  Hayley interrupts and when Hope leaves the room, she asks whether he’s seen Elijah. Hayley tells Klaus that she hasn’t seen his brother since he left to go to Marcel’s (Charles Michael Davis) last night.

Maxine (Karen Kendrick) talks with Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) about the desecration of their witch place and he comments that it is a warning. Maxine mentions that there are witches who are turning to The Hollow.  Sofya arrives and talks about Vincent’s disloyalty to The Hollow.

Freya is working on yet another protection spell.  If being the Mikaelson family witch were a job, she’d get overtime for all the hours she puts in on protection spells! Her breakfast with Keelin (Christina Moses) is interrupted by yet another Mikaelson family emergency.

Vincent tells The Hollow that she’s hiding in the body of a vampire (Sofya) because she isn’t as strong as she claims. The remark earns him a suspension in air and a warning that she will send him to his dead wife unless he joins her.  Vincent refuses. The Hollow/Sofya has an offer to make him.

Klaus arrives at Marcel’s and questions him about their truce and whether it includes Elijah. Although he still hasn’t forgiven Elijah for ripping out his heart and throwing him off that bridge, Marcel tells Klaus that as long as they are working together to stop The Hollow, yes, the truce includes Elijah. Klaus tells Marcel that the last time Elijah was seen he was on his way to see him (Marcel).  Klaus believes that Marcel didn’t take Elijah, but wonders who has his brother.

Freya is at the Mikaelson estate where she tells Hayley that she is sensing that Elijah is cloaked in some very strong magic. They notice that the jaw bone is beginning to spin.  Vincent enters with the news that The Hollow has taken Elijah and wants him in exchange for the bone. But in order for her to become flesh and blood, The Hollow needs Elijah to die first. If they don’t give the jaw bone to her by sundown, she’ll come and take it and burn New Orleans to the ground. Vincent has a plan, but Klaus just wants to kill the witches that turned to The Hollow.  Marcel reminds Klaus that the only reason The Mikaelsons are allowed to be in New Orleans is that he lets them. The Hollow needs an Originals sacrifice and will kill Elijah to get it. Vincent says that Elijah is probably already dead and if they want his death to count for something, they have to stop The Hollow.  Hayley wants them to try the antidote on Elijah that Freya made, but if it doesn’t work The Hollow will destroy New Orleans. Vincent says that they need to take The Hollow down before it becomes flesh again. Freya thinks they may find an answer to their problem in one of her mother Esther’s old witch grimoires.

Meanwhile, Elijah is in terrible pain, but won’t give into The Hollow. He knows his family will win.  But Sofya says that once the ritual is finished and he’s dead, she will be reborn stronger and powerful than ever. She scoffs at the Mikaelson’s blind family devotion to each other; it is just a weakness that will bring them down.  The Hollow won’t allow Hope, who was born of her family bloodline, to bring her down.

Hope finds her mother in her bedroom and asks whether Uncle Elijah is sick. The little girl wants to do a spell to make him better.  Freya has an idea on how they can save Elijah. There is a spell that Vincent told her that the Ancestors could trap The Hollow.  But in order to do that spell, an Original would need to die. However, iif Elijah has to die, maybe they can save him by trapping his soul in a pendant. There are risks and Elijah may not survive it. Enough said, Klaus says he’ll be the Original sacrifice. They better decide soon as time is running out for Elijah. Working with Keelin, Freya believes that the antidote could slow down the poison killing Elijah and that they can use Marcel’s venom in order to track her brother.

Vincent tells Marcel to meet with Sofya and give her the jaw bone.  Then, stab her with a Hayley blood dipped blade. The Hollow spirit will come out of Sofya then they get trap the evil entity for good.

Klaus watches Keelin playing with his daughter Hope and tells Freya that he likes her girlfriend. Then, it’s off to put their plan into action. Klaus meets with Vincent and tells him that this is the day he gets to kill Klaus Mikaleson. Vincent tells Klaus that he is living up to the potential that Cami saw in him and she would be proud.

Marcel meets with The Hollow. He tells her how miffed he is that she chose to go to Vincent first with a deal when New Orleans is his city.  He has a deal for her: He will give her the jaw bone in exchange for Sofya.  The Hollow accepts his terms. She takes the bone and tells him about the plans she has for New Orleans.

Klaus and Vincent are ready to put their plan into action, but some witches arrive with Maxine and warn that she will die if they go through with it.

Freya and Hayley come to the barn where Elijah is being held captive by The Hollow.  He urges them to leave. Freya is able to break the barrier around Elijah, but when Marcel stabs The Hollow she realizes he tried to trick her and shows her wrath. The Hollow warns that his disloyalty will cost him. The winds at the barn are strong and Freya senses something has gone wrong.  The jar holding the antidote breaks.  The Hollow arrives, but Klaus is able to protect Hayley.  He tells Freya to hurry and put Elijah’s soul in the pendant. Unfortunately, it looks like The Hollow is able to kill Elijah as the pendant that Freya hoped to store his soul breaks.

Vincent gives a speech to the witches and tells them to take their families and leave New Orleans because The Hollow is there.

Klaus puts Elijah’s body in a coffin and tells Freya that she has to find a way to bring their brother back. Freya works on trying to put the pendant back together, but can’t guarantee that Elijah’s soul is inside. Freya and Hayley can feel Elijah, though. Is his soul in the broken pendant?

Marcel has brought Sofya back home, but doesn’t know what effect being possessed by The Hollow had on her.  Vincent asks for his journal back; he needs it to fight The Hollow. Marcel reminds Vincent that he said to kill him (Vincent) if he ever tried to get his hands on the journal again.

The episode ends as The Hollow emerges as a woman from a tree stump where Sofya put her bones. The Earth begins to move when she put her hands in the air.

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