The Originals – Voodoo In My Blood

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By: Stacy Miller

Everything has a beginning.  The same is true for The Hollow.  As the episode opens, we see its origin story. It is 500AD and a tribe is celebrating the birth of a beautiful baby girl.  A wolf watches in the distance as the baby glows blue, flowers die and the flames around it are extinguished.

In the present day, Hope Mikaelson (Summer Fontana) looks at The Hollow jaw bone as it begins to rattle on a table surrounded by a circle of salt.  The Mikaelsons aren’t the only ones looking to collect all four. The emissaries of The Hollow are trying to track down the bones for their master.  As we learned in the last episode, “The Vampire Diaries’” Tyler Lockwood’s wolf pack were the keeper of one of the bones and it is in Mystic Falls. If only the Mikaelsons knew somewhere there to contact to help them find it.  Oh wait, they do. And that someone is Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis).  He found a finger bone at the old Lockwood Estate and tells Klaus (Joseph Morgan) when he speaks with him on the phone that there are records of the previous bone guardians.  Alaric agrees to meet with Klaus but not in Mystic Falls; he’ll meet him at a halfway point because he doesn’t want the murder and mayhem that seems to be Klaus’ trademark to come to Mystic Falls.

But Klaus can’t go meet Alaric as he has to join Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) at the church for a summit with some witches that the ancestors told Hope about via telepathically. He suggests that Elijah (Daniel Gillies) go in his place and take Marcel (Charles Davis) with him. “Perhaps it’s time to mend bridges rather than throw people off of them,” Klaus tells Elijah.

Meanwhile, Marcel is telling his vampire cronies to search the city for the bones. Sofya (Taylor Cole) appears to use her feminine wiles on Gerard. Elijah arrives to kill the mood and Sofya leaves (Not really. She may have walked away, but stays within earshot). Elijah tells Marcel about the expert that they have who has one of the bones and can help find the others. He urges Marcel to put their disagreements in the past and work together now.

At the church, Klaus tells Hayley that he has the feeling that this meeting is a trap set for them by the witches. Hayley reminds that the witch covens protect their own and that includes Hope. Then, they are greeted by the Harvest Girls who tell them that the ancestors want to perform a spell in order to speak with them. And in order to do so, they need both Klaus and Hayley’s blood as Hope is a New Orleans witch. The spell is very painful for Klaus and Hayley and they hold their heads. Klaus and Hayley arrive on the other side and see Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell). She tells them that she is the only thing standing between the city and The Hollow.  Then, Davina gives Klaus and Hayley (and the audiences) backstory exposition on The Hollow.  We get a longer version of the scenes with the baby that we saw at the beginning of the episode: Back in 500AD, two tribes who were rivals attempted to create a united witch coven by marrying the man and woman from both tribes. The couple had a baby girl which they named Idadu. But this was no ordinary baby. The child had a hunger for power and would kill in order to get more.  Davina tells Klaus that The Hollow can’t be killed.  But has a weakness: Hayley.  Then, Davina takes Hayley by the hand and whisks her out of the other world.

Alaric has an encounter with Sofya while on his way to meet Klaus (he has no idea that he’ll be meeting with Elijah and Marcel instead). She orders him to give her the bone then raises her hand, flinging him across the road. Alaric shoots an arrow at her but she catches it in her hand. But Alaric knows something that Sofya doesn’t know and it’s that his truck is full of explosives.  Alaric fires his gun at the truck and it goes boom. Bye Sofya…or maybe not. As her body is being possessed by the hard-to-kill The Hollow, I doubt that the explosion killed her. Brushing himself off, Alaric meets up with Elijah and Marcel.  He describes being attacked by the gorgeous brunette who demanded the bone.  Marcel recognizes the woman as Sofya and she must be The Hollow’s new host. Alaric tells them that that the Lockwood family records indicate that the bones are in the crypt of the Del Robles family at the Black Lace Cemetery.  However, the cemetery was destroyed due to a flood, but he knows where the bones are buried. Alaric is taken to the hospital while Elijah and Marcel go off to seek the bones.

Meanwhile as Klaus still lingers in the other world, Davina is back in the real world with Hayley, where she shares with her more of The Hollow’s history: After realizing Inadu (The Hollow) was dangerous, the tribes were determined to kill her.  They used the wolves to find her and once they did, used a binding spell on her. Inadu’s mother sadly was forced to kill her own daughter using a magical ax.  But before Inadu’s death, she placed a spell on all the tribes that were there at the time that they would turn into the beast they hunted, the wolf, at the full moon. So, it was The Hollow that created the wolf curse. Hayley bears the mark of the crescent moon and Davina tells her that because she is a descendant of the original wolves that The Hollow cursed, it fears Hayley and her blood. And not only Hayley’s blood, but Hope’s blood too.  Davina tells Hayley she will need to track down the person whose body The Hollow is using as its host and can fight the entity using her blood to make The Hollow weak.  Hayley is not totally on board when Davina adds that she plans to use Klaus in order to trap a spell that will imprison The Hollow so she runs out of the church. Davina casts a glance towards the Harvest Girls and says “You know what to do.”

Elijah and Marcel retrieve the bone from the Del Robles’ grave. While they are debating as to who should be the keeper of the bone, Sofya arrives to take the prize off their hands. Hayley comes to the rescue and cuts her hand on the Tunde Blade than stabs Sofya with it as Davina told her that Hayley’s blood was deadly to The Hollow.  Sofya doesn’t go poof; The Hollow isn’t destroyed. It seems that Davina neglected to tell Hayley that in order for The Hollow to be defeated an immortal must be sacrificed.  Klaus is elected by Davina as the ultimate sacrifice.

Davina tells Klaus that The Hollow needs all four of her bones, jaw, finger, femur and pelvis and won’t rest until she gets them. The Harvest Girls are off to get the Marcel blood vine that can kill an original.  Davina tells Klaus that is will be painful but she says she will make it easier. She uses her witch powers to put Klaus under. However, Hope seems to be telepathically connected to her father and hears what’s happening.  She takes off her bracelet and leaves the Mikaelson compound.

Hayley and Marcel rush into the church. Davina reappears from the other world next to Klaus’ lifeless body in this world and asks Marcel to kill Klaus. Elijah comes in and offers himself as the sacrifice.

“I won’t let you hurt us!” shouts Hope, surprising the adults with her presence. She is able to get rid of Davina and save her father.

Back at the Mikaelson compound, Alaric meets Hope and tells her what a brave girl she is. He then tells Klaus about the school he and Caroline (Candice King) run in Mystic Falls for magically gifted children and suggests Hope attend. Yes Klaus, take Hope to Mystic Falls so we can see you with Caroline again.

As the episode ends, Hayley is angry with Elijah for offering to sacrifice himself.  And in the final scene, it looks like Elijah may get to be The Hollow’s sacrifice after all.



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