Web Series Wednesday – Breakfast The Series

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By: Krista Ann Freego


WHAT? Breakfast: The Series

BY: Goodnight Orchard Films


This series is created, written and starring Matthew Gundernatch. The two main characters are a 32 year-old man (Gundernatch) and a woman (Karli Kaiser) who eat breakfast with each other every day and live together. It is a dark comedy. The five episodes of the series span a few months in time.


This dark comedy has a twist that I was not expecting and that certainly provided entertainment and comedy. The man is likeable (despite his current circumstance) and very much so reminded me of Jim Halpert from “The Office,” with regards to his speech pattern and sense of humor. This is a situational comedy and I would love to provide some of my favorite quotes from the series, but I am afraid it might give away the twist and that is too perfect to spoil.

This web series was made in the most independent spirit possible, with just a camera, some lights, sound and three actors. All of the episodes take place at the same location, the breakfast table. I encourage everyone to watch and support this independent venture. I do caution that the content is very mature and that young children should not watch.

If you are not easily offended and enjoy situational comedy, then I recommend this series. Keep in mind though, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

WHERE CAN I WATCH?  Breakfast: The Series can currently be found on YouTube.  You can also find the entire series at http://www.breakfasttheseries.com.

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