Web Series Wednesday – Other People’s Children

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WHAT?  Other People’s Children

BY: Nick Schmidt


This series is created by Anna Maria Hozian and Brad Riddell


Do you have friends that are teachers? Did you at one point think about becoming a teacher? Probably because you love children right? This comedy shows you the sad, the bizarre and the hilarious world of teachers. Margot Antler (Atra Asdou) had a plan for her life. She planned on being a novelist on the best seller list. She became a new second grade teacher filling in for a teacher who is currently on maternity leave. Even though writing is her passion, Margot is dedicated to her students and their well-being. The children’s parents…Well, that is another story. From refusing to sign papers so that their daughter can be enrolled in classes for gifted children, because they don’t want to have to deal with the extra homework; to bringing in vagina cupcakes for his child’s birthday in order to “honor the vagina” and evade having to sleep in his uncomfortable Kia Soul, the antics and selfish nature of the parents is unending. So, if you are a teacher or know a teacher and if you like to laugh, then you should watch Other People’s Children.


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