What To Watch This Week

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By: Jamie Steinberg


Rizzoli and Isles: It’s getting serious. Tonight is the second to last episode of “Rizzoli and Isles” so it is almost time to officially send off our favorite female dynamic duo. With Maura working for her mother’s clinic and helping save lives (rather than finding out what has killed them), Jane headed off to teach classes for the FBI, Frankie getting married and Tommy coming home the show seems to be tied everything up neatly in a bow. Well, not everything…Tune in tonight to see if Maura and Jane can say a sweet goodbye or if they have some bumps in the road. (TBS, 9pm ET/PT)

Running Wild With Bear Grylls: I suggest you watch tonight because of Gryll’s guest star. This evening’s adventures find him in the Adirondacks with Shaquille O’Neal. Now, it’s worth it alone to watch a 7’1 man attempt to rock climb and navigate the terrain with our beloved mountain man. Height alone is bound to give Grylls the need for a new approach to making his way across the land. Maybe watch for the sole fact of seeing if O’Neal needs a harness to climb mountains or if he is just tall enough to simply lift Bear to new heights. (NBC, 10pm ET/PT)


Pretty Little Liars: Season Seven is coming to an end. We’re not sure if this marks the end of the series or another beginning, but tonight is guaranteed to give us goosebumps. Will we find out who A.D. is? Has Hanna put herself in a position to lose her life? What does Noel Kahn really have to do with A and A.D.? Will Paige do whatever it takes to get Emily back? Can Detective Marco help Spencer put Toby in her past for good? All of these questions and more will be answered (we hope) on the season finale of this dynamic show. (Freeform, 8pm ET/PT)

Chrisley Knows Best: Our favorite family is juggling a lot this season. Lindsie is getting divorced. Savannah has a new boyfriend. Nanny Faye is getting her groove back. And Chase…well, he’s still the same old Chase that is up to no good. All of this is bound to bring about many quotes and quips from the head of household. It’s worth it to watch and see what shenanigans this family finds itself in week after week. (USA, 10pm ET/PT)


Catfish: Tonight is another interesting episode of this hit MTV documentary series. This evening’s episode features YouTube star Andrea Russett. She has summoned Nev and Max to help her nail down a potential stalker who has been impersonating her family members and best friend online. The guys find a web of fake profiles that will take them on a much larger ride than the typical Catfish exploration. (MTV, 10pm ET/PT)


Queen of The South: Camila’s operation must head underground when she aligns with the Jimenez cartel. Meanwhile, Teresa and Brenda attempt to make a new life for themselves with the help of information they have gleaned from Guerro’s book. (USA, 10pm ET/PT)


The Great Food Truck Race: It’s a new season of this amazing show! This season teams have headed out from Los Angeles in a competition to win their very own food truck. Grilled cheese, Southern cuisine, barbeque, true Italian and Hawaiian dishes are on the menu and each week these trucks face “Speed Bumps” that will challenge the teams to put their best meal forward. Your stomach is guaranteed to be grumbling by the end of each episode! (Food Network, 9pm ET/PT)

Escaping Polygamy: This documentary series follows two female former members of a Utah based polygamist organization seeking to help others escape from this tortured life. Tonight a fellow former member reaches out to the girls in order to seek help for her elderly father who is under the ever watchful eye of “The Order.” (A&E, 10pm ET/PT)

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