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By: Cade Taylor


For those of you who don’t already know, Doin’ It Raw (DIR) is a podcast that was started by Tyler Posey, hit star of MTV’s series “Teen Wolf” and Tyler Schnabel, an up and coming actor, film maker and producer. Posey and Schnabel started the podcast as Posey was heavily influenced by Jason Ellis, who has his own podcast with Sirius radio and actor/director Kevin Smith who has one as well.


The podcast was originally made to talk about music and their lives and to have fun. It covers everything from music, drug awareness, life advice, traveling, mental health awareness, pop culture and even takes calls from fans and talking live with them. Everything talked about on this podcast is brought up as they’re filming. They sometimes have little notes about something they want to mention, but mostly it’s just on the spot.


The podcast was created in March of 2015 and the plan for it was to have one season consisting of ten episodes. So far the podcast has aired seven episodes in the year. They don’t update as much as they would like because of time conflicts so when a new episode is released it’s usually chalk-full of brand new things going on in their lives.


This podcast is very unrated, hence the name “Doin’ It Raw,” and has graphic language in pretty much every episode so if that’s something that you’re not comfortable with then this podcast probably won’t be for you. But, I feel like some curse words thrown in every now and then shouldn’t steer you away from listening in, enjoying yourself and possibly getting some advice that could really help you.


Also, if you’re looking to discover some new bands then be sure to listen! They promote some pretty amazing bands that I listen to regularly now after hearing about them on the podcast. And, if you’re reading this right now and happen to be in a band that wants to be featured on the podcast shoot them a tweet at @rawpodcast. If they like your music, then it’s very likely that you could get a shoutout in the next episode!


Here are some highlights from each episode of Doin’ It Raw:




  • They both talk about what the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is and how they get people to vote on movies to win awards.


  • Schnabel announces that he won a contest, with the help of people from Twitter, that he entered and as a thank you they decide to call three fans.


  • They both talk about the importance of family and how you should always cherish the moments you get with them.


  • Posey has his friend Blake, who had recently graduated from college at the time of filming the podcast, give some advice to all the fans that are currently still in college.




  • Posey breaks down how an album is actually recorded and how he was invited over to do “gang vocals,” which is where the members of the band come in and scream a few lyrics from one song. This would have allowed him to be on the new album of State Champs, but sadly he was too sick to go.


  • Posey and Schnabel talk about their love for the cast of “Teen Wolf” and end up talking about their love for Shelley Hennig (which I can totally relate to because she is such a badass and is incredibly charming).


  • “If you want to be a musician, an actor, a podcaster, a writer you just do it. Just get down and do it.” – Tyler Schnabel


  • “Anything is possible. You can do fucking anything.” – Tyler Posey



  • The podcast was recorded on a balcony in New York with a cellphone and an iPad due to them not having any recording equipment with them.


  • Posey talks about being on his friend’s podcast, In The Room with Joe, Jay, Eric and Lyle when he was twenty-one and how he did a lot of improv while on the show. Posey and Schnabel talk about the rules of improv and explain that their whole podcast is actually improv because everything is made up on the spot.


  • Schnabel talks about the Blue Man Group and explains his experience on getting to be in the show while they were in New York. He also talks about how he has loved them since he was younger and it was a dream come true.


  • Posey talks about how he got to attend the Jed Foundation gala. He also informs the listeners what the Jed Foundation is and talks about the stigma on therapy and how that shouldn’t stop you from seeking help.


  • Schnabel talks about the movement he started called “Share Your Laugh” because he feels that laughter is the best medicine.



  • This podcast was recorded in Toronto, where Posey got to introduce Ed Sheeran at the Much Music Video Awards (MMVA’s).


  • Schnabel talks about his experience being on his first big red carpet.


  • They discuss how they had the chance to meet and hang out with Debby Ryan’s band, The Never Ending.



  • They answer questions such as how to start a podcast, what equipment to use, questions on dating and how to get through it when someone you love passes away.



  • The podcast was recorded in London.


  • They dive in and answer some fan questions. Some of those questions being: “If you were bread what type of bread would you be?”, “If you had to choose between losing the sense of hearing or the sense of sight which would you choose?” and “What’s your favorite feature on the apple watch?”


  • They then move onto talk about how much fun they had at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) where Posey had the opportunity to host the Fandom Awards with Bella Thorne, play video games with/be interviewed by Conan O’Brien and how he got to live one of his dreams by being pulled on stage and getting to perform with All Time Low. (It really put a smile on my face getting to listen to him gush about that experience because you could tell that it was genuine and he really enjoyed it. It wasn’t taken for granted like a lot of things are when it comes to celebrities.)


  • They hit on the fact that they both knew that they wanted to be actors when they were kids and that if neither of them were acting they would definitely be involved with music somehow.


  • Posey talks a little bit about EllisMania, which was created by Jason Ellis and how he would be fighting Ellis’ co-host, Michael Tully. (Spoiler Alert: Posey ended up not getting to fight because MTV shut it down before it could happen. I can see why they shut it down due to filming, but it would’ve been kickass to watch.)


  • Schnabel talks about flying out to Rhode Island to work on a Kickstarter film called Sam & Mattie Make A Zombie Movie. Posey talks about being a co-host on a new show, “Knock Knock Live,” that unfortunately got cancelled after the first two episodes.



  • This podcast was recorded live in LA, using the site Mixlr.com, and aired on the premiere of Season 5B of “Teen Wolf.”


  • Schnabel addresses his leave from “Teen Wolf” as a stand-in to to pursue his dreams.


  • Posey talks about how he wants to write a book.


  • They both discuss how there’s a stigma in the industry they’re in and how it’s really easy to feel like an outcast if you don’t really live the Hollywood lifestyle.


  • Posey explains how he doesn’t want to embrace that sort of lifestyle because he’s super down to Earth and doesn’t want to become stuck-up like a lot of people in Hollywood. He prides himself on the fact that he hasn’t allowed the lifestyle to change him because he just isn’t that type of person. He’s very professional and doesn’t have a big ego.


  • Posey talks about his new movie Yoga Hosers and how it was accepted into Sundance, which is a film festival for independent films. (The movie will be out sometime in July, but Kevin Smith is doing a movie-tour and showing the movie early to certain places. If you’d like to see the movie early then head on over to yogahosers.com and get your tickets before they sell out!)


  • They take the time to call three lucky fans and interact with them and then give a shoutout to some of their biggest supporters in the end of the podcast.



  • This podcast was also record live in LA, using the site Mixlr.com.


  • They start on the subject of dating online, talking about Tinder and the app Raya, which is basically like Tinder, but for celebrities.


  • They then open up Schnabel’s Snapchat and begin answering questions from fans. Some of those questions being about how to break into the acting industry, how being in the industry has changed them, the possibilities about Posey joining a band after “Teen Wolf” and what sort of books they have read lately.


  • Posey ends up getting really honest with the listeners, explaining the fact that he does smoke weed. He then explains his experiences with the drug and gives some really great advice to people who may be going through what he went through.


  • After talking about the death of his mother he then moves on to things he had been doing recently such as buying a house, taking up boxing and spending time to read more.


  • Both of them preach the importance of always going to the doctor and staying up to date with your health by getting tested.


  • At the end of the podcast Posey talks about being in Halsey’s new music video for her hit song, “Colors.”



Doin’ It Raw covers everything that you can imagine so be sure download the episodes via iTunes or head on over to their profile on Soundcloud and listen away! This podcast has helped many people with the advice they give and with how open they get with the fans so if you’ve been down and could use a cheering up then tune in. Have an off day and want to relax with some laughs? Draw up a nice bubble bath and listen away. You’re guaranteed many laughs while listening.


Be sure to follow the official Twitter account at @rawpodcast and the boys’ personal accounts at @tylergposey and @tylerschnabel.

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