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By: Jamie Steinberg


Q) How were you approached by A&E to be a part of “Born This Way?


A) They came to my Down Syndrome Association of Orange County Acting Class and I talked to two cute ladies who asked me questions on camera and they liked me.


Q) Were there certain parts of your life that you didn’t want to be shown on camera?


A) Nope. Well, maybe using the bathroom, but that’s all.


Q) Have you gotten used to having cameras on you all the time?


A) I like it. They are nice guys and girls and like my friends and my bodyguards.


Q) You have some great costars. Are they all your best friends?


A) Yes, all of them. We Facetime and text all the time and get together as much as we can. We love it at Leaps and Boundz when we can hang out.


Q) We saw you living with Stephen last year. Are the two of you still roommates?


A) No spoilers! Watch Season Three.


Q) This year we see you mentoring young kids with Down Syndrome. What piece of advice would you give to children with Downs that you wish you had as a child?


A) Let Barney go before you get too old. Learn to talk as clear as you can. “Can’t” is a four letter word.


Q) The show won an Emmy. How did that make you feel?


A) Amazing and awesome and I got to hug Vanessa Hudgens. She’s on my Babe Bucket list.


Q) What have been some of your most memorable moments from filming “Born This Way?”


A) Meeting lots of ladies and going on lots of dates. Having fun with my friends and going to Vegas to see Justin Bieber with Sean and Hilary was the best time ever.


Q) What do you think it is about the show that has made it so popular?


A) People are afraid of us, but they can get unafraid by watching us on TV. And they see we are fun and funny and they like us.


Q) We know you are a big fan of Meghan Trainor. Has she reached out to you yet to tell you how much she appreciates your support?


A) Nope. But I went to her concert and met her and she knew who I was. And we hugged.


Q) Is there anything you want to be sure fans know about you?


A) I’m a really nice guy and like to have fun. I’m looking for a girlfriend and I have a new T-shirt, Mug, Bag and Hat website that is because I speak my own language “Seanese.” It has my funny things I say on them. I told a designer how to make the shirts look and they turned out really good. Check it out.


Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and the show?


A) I want people to know that it’s not so bad to have Down Syndrome and tell them thank you so much. I love you all and you are the best fans. I want more fans than Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber.



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