Supernatural – First Blood

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By: Stacy Miller


When last we saw Sam and Dean, (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) they had been arrested for the attempted assassination of President Jefferson Rooney. But before we learn their fate, first we see what Mary’s been up to. As the episode opens, Mary (Samantha Smith) is having a cup of coffee at a diner in Lawrence when she receives a telephone call from Castiel (Misha Collins). “I need you to meet me at the bunker,” he says urgently.

“Six hours ago, Sam and Dean Winchester tried to kill the President of the United States,” Rick Sanchez tells the anti-terrorist agent. Sanchez (Stephen Lobo) further talks about the FBI’s investigation of the Winchesters back in 2007 for murder and multiple counts of corpse desecration. “The same corpse?” the anti-terrorist agent asks. “Different corpses,” Sanchez answers. He continues that the brothers were presumed killed after a shootout with police in 2011. While Sanchez is giving the Winchesters’ criminal history, Sam and Dean are being transported to a remote holding facility. Their arrest wasn’t made public and is only known by the arresting agency, Sanchez, the anti-terrorist guy and POTUS. It appears the last thing President Rooney remembers is praying a few days ago. Rick Sanchez thinks they should just shoot Sam and Dean. But anti-terrorist guy reasons that they need to first find out what dangers the Winchesters pose and whether they are connected with any groups that could threaten national security. So, anti-terrorist guy makes a trek to the holding facility to try to get answers out of Sam and Dean. He warns the brothers that after they have been alone in the cells for a month or a year, they’ll be eager to tell him what he wants to know.

Meanwhile, Mick Davies (Adam Fergus) is typing a report updating the British Men of Letters of his attempt to make inroads with the American hunters and the setbacks he’s had. We see him giving his pitch to a hunter named Wally on how working with the British Men of Letters could be beneficial. But Wally isn’t interested after commenting on Mick’s soft, non-hunter hands.

Mary berates Castiel for leaving Sam and Dean when they needed him. She wonders why her sons didn’t call her for help. Back at the prison facility, Dean pulls a nail and uses it to begin ticking off the days of his captivity. We see a lot of days have passed through a sequence of multiple food trays Sam and Dean are given. Castiel goes to Crowley (Mark Sheppard) for help, citing the King of Hell’s government connections. “Do you even care that they’re gone?” Castiel asks. “Not really,” Crowley’s reply. He reminds the angel of all the powerful beings who have tried to kill Sam and Dean, himself included. “Sam and Dean, they’re like herpes. Once you think they’re gone, hello, the boys are back leaving a trail of bodies in their wake,” Crowley says. He is sure that the Winchesters will be okay as they always are.

At the Men of Letters bunker, Mary receives a telephone call from Asa Fox’s daughter Alicia (Kara Royster), who asks for help with a werewolf pack case. Back at the prison facility, Dean continues to tick off the days while Sam does sit-ups and push-ups.

Mary meets Castiel at a bar. She apologizes for her angry words. Unfortunately, all Mary’s law enforcement contacts are either retired or dead so she has been unable to get information on her sons’ whereabouts. Sam and Dean have been gone six weeks, two days and ten hours. Mary assures Castiel that they’ll find them. Castiel tells Mary about a vampire case in Missouri that he tried to work like Sam and Dean would. He feels guilty that he wasn’t able to catch the monster.

The guard bringing Sam a tray of food finds him dead. And when Dean’s cell is opened, he too is dead. “I don’t get it, they both died on the same day. How is that even possible?” the coroner (Donald Hong) asks the anti-terrorist guy. Rick Sanchez is angry that Dean is dead as he wanted to do the deed himself. “I wanted to look Dean Winchester in the eye and I wanted him to feel it.”

Mary leaves a voicemail for Castiel telling him that she’s handling that thing in Missouri. Meanwhile in the prison facility morgue, Dean and Sam wake up from the dead. “You good?” Sam asks his brother. “I’ve been better, I’ve been worse,” Dean answers. “I say it worked,” Sam comments. The coroner enters the morgue and Dean grabs him by the neck. He can’t tell Sam and Dean where they are because he’s blindfolded every day before he’s brought to work. “This place, it’s not supposed to exist,” the coroner tells Dean. Sam and Dean escape the prison facility. Sam finds a cell phone in a truck, which they can’t take because of the lo-jack. Dean uses the phone to call Castiel while Sam finds a map in the truck. They are in Colorado. Dean tells Castiel to meet them off Route 34. “The sooner the better because we’re kind of on the clock here,” Dean says ominously.

Mary receives a call from Castiel who tells her about Sam and Dean. Meanwhile, the government agents find the coroner in a body drawer in the morgue. Rick doesn’t know if the Winchesters’ resurrection is a “slow your heartbeat Kung Fu crap.” He orders his men to find the Winchesters and if they get Sam and Dean in their sights, they are to shoot to kill! Mary picks Castiel up in her car. He suggests they get help from Crowley and Rowena. “The King of Hell and his mommy the witch?” Mary isn’t too keen on the idea. “Buckle up, I drive fast,” Mary tells him as she drives off. Castiel has come up with another idea. His idea is having the British Men of Letters as their back-up. They meet with Mick and Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones). Mick tells Mary that helping Sam and Dean is just good business. Mary and Castiel are told that Sam and Dean where being held at an “off the books” place called Site 94.

Sam and Dean run through the woods off the highway. Unfortunately, their pursuers catch up. Sam and Dean overpower a soldier named Norton and take the man’s walkie talkie. Dean orders Sanchez to call his men off and he won’t get hurt. But Sanchez says that Sam and Dean will be the ones to get hurt. “What we have is a failure to communicate. Because we’re not trapped out here with you, you’re trapped with us,” Dean tells Sanchez. Sam and Dean find a cabin. “That’ll work” says Dean. They set up booby traps for the soldiers, proving John’s survivalist training was useful. Sanchez is caught in Dean’s bear trap and Sam stops the anti-terrorist agent from shooting his brother. “You want the truth. The President was possessed by the Devil. We saved him,” Sam says. “You can take that and do what you want with it. But if you come after us, you know what will happen,” Dean adds as he and Sam walk away. “Who are you?” “We’re the guys who saved the world,” Sam answers. When Sam and Dean find Mary and Castiel, it is hug time. Mary tells her sons that Mick and Mr. Ketch helped find them. The British Men of Letters borrowed a thermo imagining scanner and was able to see Sam and Dean from space. The British Men of Letters think that it’s unprofessional that Sam and Dean left survivors. The Winchesters and Castiel leave.

On the road, the car stops. Billie (Lisa Berry) appears. Dean explains how in order to get out of that prison, he made a call to Billie and struck a deal. They would die and Billie would bring them back to life one more time, but then at midnight a Winchester would die forever. The question is, which Winchester? Mary offers her life to save her boys. “Works for me,” Billie says. Mary raises her gun to her head, but before she can pull the trigger, Castiel stabs Billie with his angel blade. He tells them that the world needs them. “And I won’t let you sacrifice yourself, you mean too much to me,” Castiel says. He continues, “You made a deal. You made a stupid deal and I broke it. You’re welcome.”

Mick continues typing his report. He writes that Mr. Ketch has dealt with a/k/a killed every person who knew about Sam and Dean and the assassination attempt. “As for making inroads with the American hunters…” writes Mick. The episode ends with Mick making his pitch again and Mary saying “I’m listening.”

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