Web Series Wednesday – Brains

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By: Krista Ann Freego


WHAT?         Brains

BY: Undead Burrito Productions


This series is created, written and produced by Bri Castellini. Bri Castellini also plays the main character, Alison Sumner, one of the many surviving female majority after a three- year zombie apocalypse who is studying neuropsychology in college and lusting after fellow college student and leader of zombie patrol, Damian Phillips (played by Marshall Taylor Thurman) who may or may not be zombie.


How can you say no to a series that combines, lessons in helpful neuropsychology, dry humor, zombies, lusty squishy feelings, vlog style entries and pop culture references? Don’t be fooled, though. This lighthearted romantic comedy about zombies and finding love in a post-apocalyptic zombie world has heart in spades and biting commentary on today’s society, masked in quips.

For example: In episode One of Season One, we are being introduced to Alison Sumner and she is explaining to the audience that the majority of survivors from the three-year zombie apocalypse are women. It’s funny because it even more severely limits the male dating pool, than it was prior to zombies. It’s important and poignant because of the truth as to why more women survived. “Women are the surviving majority after the zombie apocalypse. Women didn’t want to conquer. They wanted to survive. And survive we did. You were considered an idiot even before the plague if you didn’t carry around, like, mace or some other kind of concealable weapon in the no-so-off chance that you were attacked by a patriarchy-fueled lust monster.”  More women survived than men because women have been honing their ability to survive for forever. Everyday women are fighting to survive. Everyday a woman can become a victim. Everyday a woman does become a victim.  Such a bracing, sad reality is commented on in funny and entertaining dialogue. It is like getting your daily requirement of kale in a delicious chocolate brownie.

I applaud the writer and creator, Bri Castellini. for striking the perfect balance between social commentary and endearing neurotic comical self-evaluation of its main character, Alison Sumner. Here is Alison in a snapshot, in some of her own words:

“I’m Alison Sumner and there aren’t enough men in this post-apocalyptic world.”

“I’m a Libra and I like long walks on the beach with a machete because zombies are a thing and I’m not an idiot.”

“I’m a heterosexual woman finally focusing on needs that extend beyond food, water, shelter and not getting zombified.”

“I’m 23. Now that I can go outside again and not expect to die horribly, my hormones have reemerged with a vengeance.”

So, join me and binge watch the first two seasons of Brains and find out if Alison is successful in finding love in this post-apocalyptic world; if Damian is alive or undead; if the zombie threat really is gone; and other mysteries yet to be unveiled.  I, for one, am already shipping Carl (Alison’s zombie best friend, portrayed by Connor Bowen) and Alison. Would that ship be called Carlison?

WHERE CAN I WATCH?  The first two seasons of Brains are available on YouTube as well as at the official website for the Web Series www.brainswebseries.com



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